Running from the real world

April 15, 2009
By Tiffany Horton BRONZE, Delton, Michigan
Tiffany Horton BRONZE, Delton, Michigan
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I have always wondered what would happen after high school, when you come to a cross roads. Do I have another choice besides "The Real World". Do they kick me straight down that road and can i take the next exit?
Life is about tests that you cant depend on others to pass. You may never truly know when one test ends before the next one begins. Whats next? or what now? I know my questions wont always be answered. I never hear "I know exactly why i am here" or "I know exactly what i will be". I wish i could say those things. But those words get farther out of my mind as graduation day approaches. When i get handed my diploma, my first huge life accomplishment, I will be shoved into the unknown. Yes shoved! i wont go willingly!
High school is what i know and i like to stick to what i know. But what i know best is being a child. And i feel more like a child everyday. I never imagined that life outside of these walls could be bigger then homework and cliques. I thought i was ready to grow up.I finally thought i knew what i needed. But now i know i have so much left to learn. I have a feeling that i will never truly know what i am capable of. And like this piece of writing,and my own personal story, may remain unfinished.
But my last question before i place on the cap and gown is "Do i have what it takes?"

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