The Farm

April 14, 2009
By Noelle Schreiber BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Noelle Schreiber BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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This is where my story begins. It was about or around 2:30 in the afternoon. My dad was driving down Rawley Road in his white Chevy with an iron flat bed back, and on this road lies three storied I could tell, but I’m only going to tell two. So on this road is my grandparents’ housefarm. This is indeed my favorite place in the world to be. This is where my story begins.

I was about 6years old when I had an interest in the farm life. The farm was a place where I could escape to. There is a straw maw; it is soft, prickly, and peaceful. I’m saying that they also have a Hay maw, it’s full of big square bails of hay one on top of another, “ha ha its kind a like mini house of itchy straw without windows or doors.” And like most farms there are animals.

I loved those cows so much, “most of them are black and white (like most of my grandparents’ cows) but, the brownredish one we named RED! Ha Ha get it because it’s red!) I said.” Oh and I can’t forget those fluffy little kitties. Like I said before this wasand still is a place where I can escape to. I helped feed the cows, learned to drive a tractor, and played with the calves like my grandma did. I even helped in the maws.”

But, on December 9th, 06 everything changed. My grandma was so mad, upset, swearing, call it what ever you like but it was so horrible, “she was saying things she’s said before.” My grandpa brought her to the doctor. We found out the most horrid thing that could ever happen. The doctor said it was CANCER! She had a Brain Tumor. Weeks and weeks have passed and she had only got worse. I knew that inside that something bad would happen that would change our lives forever. On September 8th, 2007 I was by my other grandma’s house. I was going to stay over night and have a camp fire. And just the day before, I was by my grandma Schreibers’ house I spent all day with her.
I guess my heart was trying to tell me that something bad was going to happen. I happened to have my barn by her house, so I grabbed the mouse my grandma had bought for me. That mouse meant so much to me just, because she bought it to make me laugh. Although what happened next was no laughing matter, it’s too tragic to even say to finish the rest of the story. So then I leave these last words……….
The End

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