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Irish in America
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 We’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but what about the rest of the year?  And how many Irish descendants are there actually here in America? According to the last Census, there are about 34.5 million Americans who claim... (more »)
SWAT Militarization
There is a craze in America about the militarization of SWAT taking the nation by storm. Events in places like Ferguson, Missouri and in New York rock the nation as those who would push their agendas descend upon the population ready to strike... (more »)
Coal Ash Contamination in America
Currently the United States of America is suffering from a horrible ecological crisis in the form of the contamination of land and aquatic systems from coal ash. Coal ash is a byproduct of of burning coal in power-plants. It is usually mixed... (more »)
Questioning Forensic Analysts
The controversy over the Confrontation Clause of the Constitution has been going on for many years. The Confrontation Clause states that a criminal defendant has the right “to be confronted with the witnesses against him”. These... (more »)
Decreasing Poverty through Schooling This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
In developing countries poverty is a major concern, with large amounts of the population living under the poverty threshold. Having a population which predominantly lives under the poverty threshold stunts the growth of the country. Creating... (more »)
Memories Are Forever
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The Giver┬áby Lois Lowrey is a novel about a society trying to create a totally peaceful and harmonious background without conflict, war, or hate by eliminating emotion entirely. It takes place in a futuristic "utopian" civilization where... (more »)
The use of Mutual Funds and Compound Interest
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The Mutual fund is an old, but trending tool to use increase returns. The exact Google definition of a mutual fund is an investment program funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and is professionally managed.  The... (more »)
Nuclear Power in the United States This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Though hardly insignificant, the splitting of the most basic unit of a chemical element can turn into the consummate source of energy for an entire city. Research into the nature of the atom began in the 1800s and continues even today. Albert... (more »)
Everday Use Opinion
Everyday Use offers a valuable insight of life and how life should be lived or carried out. Dee, the oldest sibling of a small, poor, and humble family, has an education and manners unlike her own sister and her mother. Throughout the story she... (more »)
Daughter of Invention
By , Glendale, AZ
In  Daughter  Of  Invention,  Cukita  is  the  daughter  of  a  family  from  the  Dominican  Republic.  Her  father  was  more  used  to ... (more »)
Everyday Use
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The story “Everyday Use” is about an African American family consisting of the Mom, Wangero(Dee), and Maggie. Wangero is the oldest and Maggie is the youngest, their mothers name is not said in the story they just call her Mom.... (more »)
Daughter of Invention
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The short story, “Daughter of Invention” is about a Dominican family that moved to the United States from La Republica Dominicana due to issues with the dictator in their country. The family begins to have issues within themselves... (more »)
By , Rockledge, FL
Change is an occurrence of something that makes something become different to what it was before. Change can be embraced or it can be feared based on how the people and the environment affected perceive it. Change is perceived by the way the... (more »)
Slavery and Indentured Servitude
Freedom is a right that everyone deserves to have. However, this right was taken away from Africans in 1619 as they were transported to Jamestown and used as unpaid laborers. Indentured servitude was also used as a way to grow the colonies.... (more »)
Economic Effects of Indian River Lagoon Pollution
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The Indian River Lagoon is one of Central Florida’s most stunning natural landscapes. Stretching from Ponce de Leon Inlet to Jupiter Inlet, the waterway is not important to the region's ecosystem, but is also relied upon by thousands... (more »)
Daughter of Invention
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In the short story Daughter of Invention, there were a few themes and conflicts. The daughter had a tough childhood. She moved to New York as a young girl. After moving to New York she had to learn how to read and write English. I can relate to... (more »)
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