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Here is the most recent academic writing:

Ernest Hemingway: How His Life Affected His...
There is no doubt that Ernest Hemingway was one of the best American writers of his time, but what was it that made him write what he did? He experienced many things people don’t experience today. Beginning at a young age he was introduced to... (more »)
How did the Black Plague impact the lives of...
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The rolling hills and meandering streams of abundant Europe cover over a dark past; a mass grave of corpses young and old. The plague that killed them, aptly named the “Black Death,” haunted the streets throughout the fourteenth... (more »)
This I Believe: The Key to Happiness
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Having everything you want doesn't make you happy. You can always think that nothing can ruin your day, but in reality, something bad can always happen. But even when I find myself in that position, I think, I have absolutely nothing to lose and... (more »)
This I Believe
I believe that nature taught me that life can quickly change in a moment.  What is clear bright and beautiful one minute, can quickly turn dark and gray the next.  When standing on a mountain top in Vermont one day not too long ago I... (more »)
Do You Actually Like Volunteering?
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People who volunteer for community service are supposed to be offering themselves to undertake some purpose to impact members in a community in a positive way, to teach themselves how to be responsible citizens by contributing to the... (more »)
The Road Not Taken Analysis
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Analyzing a text is not just about figuring out its meaning. Anayzing is breaking down the article piece by piece. Figuring out how it relates  to you and the world around you. Examing how it would affect you and the character in a positiove or... (more »)
Hernán Cortés
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Who is Hernán Cortés? He was a conquistador who conquered Mexico, as well as military leader and government official. Cortés lived in the Age of Exploration which had a large influence on his choice of occupation. Overall, Hernán Cortés was... (more »)
Allergic to Water?
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What would it be like if you were allergic to water? Imagine never being able to drink water, take a shower, swim in the pool, or go to the beach. How do you think your life would be? Would you believe me if I said that you can be allergic to... (more »)
Myths of College Entrance Exams
High school is the place where most students try to prove themselves to their chosen universities. This is the time to get ones act together and earn that perfect GPA. But on top of grades, extracurriculars, and the like, there is also one more... (more »)
The Life of a Viking
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The Vikings of old started as raiders and traders and later became explorers, conquerors, lawmakers, and founders of nations. Yet above all, they were seafarers. These Norse sailors, carried in longboats, traveled further north and west than any... (more »)
Lennon, A Hero
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"All we are saying is give peace a chance". This quote was spoken by an extraordinarily famous musician with the intentions of peace for everyone. The Beatles' most passionate and brightest member, John Lennon, was an incredible... (more »)
A Picture and a Reflection
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Does a picture simply serve as a flash image of the past, reserved for the purpose of looking at or showing others; or is it true that your reflection is only good for checking your teeth or fixing your hair? There can be substantial differences... (more »)
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You wake up in the hospital: desolate. It smells like a nursing home, loneliness hits you like a brick dropped from a crumbling building. You do your best to stand up, but your legs and back are too stiff, you collapse. The growls you thought you... (more »)
Laugh Out Loud
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“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly” (Chesterton). Laughter is a good friend of ours. Not the kind of friend we met at a football game and we are definitely going to hang out with again. We’re talking Spongebob and Patrick... (more »)
English 4
Studying is a whole life business. No matter if you are in college, a university or finding a job, we are always studying. However, there is a little bit difference among them, studying in college or university, we put most of our effort in books,... (more »)
The Bible and Mesopotamian Flood Stories
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There are very noticeable similarities between the flood story in the Bible and the Mesopotamian flood story. However, there are also differences that cannot be ignored. Various aspects of each story differ from the other account. The idea behind... (more »)
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