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Here is the most recent academic writing:

Land of the Free?
Many people do not realize that sex trafficking is a relevant issue.  It may be a problem for some parts of the world, but not here. Not in America. But the shocking truth is that in the United States, over 50,000 people are victims of sex... (more »)
Plain Packaging on Tobacco vs Supply Chain
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Consequences of plain packaging Many people would view plain packaging on tobacco products as a good cause to cut the sale rates and the use of tobacco; but most people don’t know that changing the colorful design of cigarette packs to... (more »)
IAncomming Freshman
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Dear incoming freshman, this letter is for all of you that think high school is scary and upperclassmen hate you. That is not true at all. High school is fun. You have nothing to worry about, on my first day of high school I was terrified to... (more »)
Did you know that one in five people in the world are illiterate? illiteracy is the inability to read or write. I never really thought about teenagers and adults being illiterate until recently. A women in our church recently told us her... (more »)
The Ashes of Reason This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Everyone demands the truth, but are satiated with lies. Only they do not understand that there is only one way to find the truth – through reason. Reason is not a blessing, nor is it curse; it is the tool we carry to find knowledge and... (more »)
By , Glendale, CA
Fifty percent of all U.S. adults have hacked within the past twelve months of May twenty-ninth of this year. Hacking is a worldwide problem. Hacking is a repercussion of all the technology we have today. Nearly every person in the world has... (more »)
Peer Pressure
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Peer pressure is dangerous and unhealthy to all teens and will influence the minds of our youth. I recently began reading a popular book by an anonymous author called, Go Ask Alice. I found this novel very interesting and different mostly... (more »)
How Adolf Hitler rose to power?
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 Throughout history there have been great leaders like Alexander the Great and Genghis-Khan. These two leaders carried out many bloody wars however, they are considered the greatest leaders of their empire. Would the world have been different... (more »)
An angry letter to Writer's Block
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Dear Writers Block, Just a little note to say how much I hate you. It is not very nice of you to come to me so very often, especially when I make it clear that you are not invited. I think it is exceptionally rude for you to just invite... (more »)
Why You SHOULD Be Fluent in More than One Language
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?If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.? ? Nelson Mandela Knowing a language opens many doors that may have not been there before. We... (more »)
Bearing (H)arms
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When the creation of the United States was in motion, a constitution was formed. A major part included in this constitution was the 2nd amendment, a section containing the right entitling citizens of the new country to keep and to bear arms.... (more »)
What Is an American?
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There are multiple definitions of what it means to be an American because it is depended upon one’s opinion. So here’s mine: an American is unique. Michel De Crevecoeur's article “What Is an American?” shows... (more »)
Fall & Winter
The United States has unusual weathers in various states. For California, the fall and winter are rarely real. California hardly ever experiences a real winter with beautiful white snow with actual cold weather. The fall is exceptional, it... (more »)
Me and My Education
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In our country, the United States, every child gets public education. However, that’s not always the case in other parts of the world. Almost 13.5 million children in South East Asia do not finish school. That number will not decrease... (more »)
Dramatic Irony In “Lamb to the Slaughter,”
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There are not many people that would suspect a quiet, kind housewife of brutally killing her husband, let alone a pregnant, happy housewife. In “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl, Mary Maloney, the housewife of police officer... (more »)
The Intrigue of the Industrial Revolution
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The infamous Industrial Revolution was said to be the transition into new manufacturing processes that got continued between 1820 and 1840. This transition was like a jump into the future, for example, things that were once done by hand were... (more »)
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