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Here is the most recent academic writing:

Analysis of The Dolphins by Carol Ann Duffy
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This poem is about a dolphin, remembering its previous free life in the ocean, speaks about the experience of being confined to an aquarium with others of its kind where it is expected to perform tricks in the aquatic equivalent of a circus and... (more »)
Race, Gender, Fashion
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The fashion world has always been a very problematic space. From it’s lack of appreciation for minority models, to it’s encouragment of horribly decadent beauty and image standards, there has always been something to fix in the... (more »)
American Statesman Calvin Coolidge
“Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil. Our great hope lies in developing what is good” – Calvin Coolidge I wish Calvin Coolidge was running for President today. In light of our current... (more »)
Gazing Up Into the Sky
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Gazing up into the sky. Watching the intricate dance of celestial bodies. No, I'm not speaking of the planes flying overhead, but of a world far beyond that - the world of Astronomy. Looking at colorful pictures of nebulae and supernovas... (more »)
Put A Little Pep in Your Step: Motivating the...
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The goal of the education system in the US is to ensure that the children are provided with an adequate learning environment and that they learn vital skills as a way to contribute to the future of our nation. However, the way that it has been... (more »)
Alzheimer's; the Zombie of Diseases
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Alzheimer’s: The Zombie of Diseases In an estimation made by the Alzheimer’s Association, the leading provider of Alzheimer’s care and research, it is predicted that by the year 2050, 16 million Americans will be... (more »)
How Does Being a Vegetarian Affect your Health?
By , Franklin, MA
The term vegetarian is defined as a person who does not eat meat, and sometimes all animal products. There are many different types of vegetarian diets. Some of them include vegan diets, lacto-ovo vegetarian diets, pollotarian, pescatraian, and... (more »)
To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep?
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So if you’re at school and get tired in the middle of your teacher giving you a lesson, what do you do? You fall asleep! Even without realizing it until you really just gain consciousness again. So it is pretty understandable. But for some... (more »)
The Dealings of Darcy
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In Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, readers have little knowledge of Mr. Darcy’s feelings. To lighten some of the wonder, here is a letter from the eyes of Mr. Darcy. There is no specific placement for this letter,... (more »)
Looking Inside of the Inside
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1 in 4 Americans live with a mental illness. 100 billion dollars is the estimated economic cost of untreated mental illness in the US. But most shockingly, 75% of those who struggle with these illnesses feel like they do not get the... (more »)
Cell Phones in School: Embracing Technology...
By , Plymouth, MI
Wouldn’t school administrators want to embrace more technology in classrooms rather than try to exclude it? iPads, Smartboards, and overhead projectors are just some of the improvements schools have added to their classes. Some schools in... (more »)
Struggle With Much Success
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Somehow, at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school, I thought everything would be easy, similar to my ninth grade year. However, the curriculum was only easy in the first two weeks of school. The third week of school was when I got a... (more »)
Racial Profiling: Who Gets it Worse When the...
By , Jessup, MD
Racial Profiling: Who Gets it Worse When the Gavel Comes Down? As of 2013, there are over 1,617,478 people incarcerated across the United States (Federal Justice). Almost 50 percent of all males incarcerated across the United States are non... (more »)
The Difference Between Being Defeated and Being...
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In Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, a running theme throughout the book is that man can be destroyed but not defeated. The Old Man and the Sea is a story about Santiago, an old seemingly unlucky fisherman, and his battle with an... (more »)
William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18”
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“Sonnet 18” written by William Shakespeare, commonly known as “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day”, is one of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets. Like most of Shakespeare’s sonnets, “Sonnet 18” is written in Shakespearean... (more »)
Things No One Likes to Talk About
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Part 1 :SEXISM. Confidence and dependency are major problems that women face within themselves. The origin of these issues starts from the nature of women in general. Young ladies are introduced from cultural, religious, and familial aspects... (more »)
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