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Here is the most recent academic writing:

The Character of a Stoic
Today, people keep diaries with all their personal stories and innermost thoughts that serve as a magnum opus into the life of the writer. These books provide much needed documentation of emotions and passions that are lost in the passage of... (more »)
I remember the time when I fell off my boat and I tried to figure out how it happened. It was also the first time I really felt fear. I was 9 years old and it was a warm summer evening. The sun was close to setting and it was quite enjoyable. I... (more »)
Should London Bridges by James Patterson Become...
By , Detroit, MI
Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this letter because I think that London Bridge by James Patterson should be a classic book. I think this because its was wonderful book that kept you the reads on their feet on... (more »)
The Second Space Race
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In the modern time that we live in the general idea and interest in space exploration has indeed faded. Some may think that we know everything about our universe and everything beyond it. In fact we know just about nothing. The universe is... (more »)
War and Marriage
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They say life is too short, yet it is the longest amount of time a single individual can go through. Although everyone has a different a path in life, sometimes their paths can cross in one way or another. Two completely different people from... (more »)
The limited usefulness of home 3d printing
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3d printing is a manufacturing process that has been around for thirty years. Just recently, the patents expired for (FDM) or Fused Deposition Modeling. The FDM manufacturing process works by depositing a bead of melted plastic in the desired... (more »)
Puff of Death (Version 2.5) This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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A poor old man sits alone in a room, without any friends due to his terrible breath and yellow teeth. He has lung cancer and one of his kidneys has already malfunctioned. He coughs with quite some effort and takes his last breath as a white... (more »)
Our World, Our Home
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The dots of paint flow along the path made by the wind blowing calmly. The thread of dark chocolate is the only thing holding up to hundreds of dots depending on it. The once light pastel colors above us convert to navy blue filled of sparkly... (more »)
Life of Brooks
“Dad why does the moon follow us when we’re driving?” He would reply “It’s not following us it’s just very far away and appears that way.” I replied confused “oh, okay….. Daaadd” “Yes, Brooks” answering with a sigh... (more ») it really 10:00?
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It’s Sunday night at 10:00, and you are lying in bed about to fall asleep, and then you realize that you had homework this weekend, so as you should you gt out of bed frantically and start your homework. You are so worried because it is now... (more »)
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Ideal Perfect Medieval Woman This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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        The word perfection, can best be defined as the condition, state, or quality of being free or free as possible from all flaws or defects. In Medieval times, women always fought to obtain the title as the perfect woman. The... (more »)
Walt Disney Leadership
Walt Disney is famously known for founding Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney World, and Walt Disney Land. Few people know that before there was the Disney we know and love today, there were many trials and tribulations. Disney got through all of... (more »)
The Neolithic Age
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A turning point is defined as a period in history when a significant change occurs. The first turning point in history was the Neolithic Revolution. The Neolithic Revolution was when people learned to plant crops and domesticate animals. The... (more »)
Brainwash Avenue
By , santa rosa, CA
Advertising is a great invention of a capitalist society, companies battling to get more consumers to see their products. these consumers include children, and one must ask themselves if children are capable of understanding the slogans and... (more »)
Being Presented at the Royal Court
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While the etiquette in the royal courts of the twenty-first century are much more relaxed than the one of its predecessor’s; one can only imagine being crammed into the stuffed and damp rooms of the royal court pertaining to the reign of... (more »)
Maya Angelou: Good Writer This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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While discussing Shakespeare with a friend the other day I found myself offended when he told me that his opinion of the playwright hardly exceeded an “eh”. After digging a little deeper, I discovered that he was simply not as... (more »)
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