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Here is the most recent academic writing:

Hamlet by William Shakespeare
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The insanity that deteriorates the delicate conscience of Prince Hamlet propels him into a rather overwhelmingly grotesque and precarious statue. His poor father who reigned supreme ruler of Denmark was treacherously murdered in cold blood by... (more »)
Meat, The Early Days
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Relying on our meat consumption to be heavily considered within the public’s eyes under strict guidelines from which a manufacturer must comply is what consumers were taught to believe. Within the walls of the meat packing industries lies... (more »)
The Outsiders Book and Movie: Compare and Contrast
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When turning a book into a movie, many components need to be taken into consideration. Incorporating each and every detail exactly would challenge the directors, greatly. The Outsiders movie and book have no exceptions. People who worked on the... (more »)
By , Palm Desert, CA
Many kids don't know how to take money out f a bank, invest money, or know how to do small everyday necessary things. I think that every school across America should have a life class. In life class you would learn simple things people don't... (more »)
A Change for the Better
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First off, before I begin this passage I want to let you know that I don’t regret any of this. This all started off on a Friday afternoon with my “knucklehead” friends lying down on my basement couches. It seemed that, every... (more »)
Bad Blood or Bad Ethics: The Tuskegee Syphilis...
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Nowadays, in the United States, when someone with a disease goes to the doctor’s office, he/she expects a proper diagnosis, accurate information regarding any available treatment, researched facts about the treatment’s efficacy and... (more »)
Killing the Youth
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Children have been thought as, “Killing Themselves,” by their choices in food and moderation. They are taking these sayings as a joke and by not caring of the condition they are in, but these children are slowly ending their lives... (more »)
No DAPL: Standing Together in Solidarity
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Over the past six months, voices from across the world have called out in protest and solidarity against the creation of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline, better known as DAPL. The pipeline, planned to be 1,100 miles long, will pass... (more »)
The Outsiders Movie and Book
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It is said that books and movies will likely have many similarities and differences. In this case, I think it’s true. The Outsiders shows many great examples of this. I feel aware of the similarities made throughout the movie and book.... (more »)
Body Mods vs. Work Ethics
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When it comes to looking professional. I’m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is the three piece suit or nice dress. With perfectly done hair. But, when did that come about? at one point in time, we’ve subconsciously... (more »)
Teen Depression Unraveled
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Teenage depression is more common than the general public realizes.  Teens, as most people know, go through chemical, physical, and emotional changes.  This can be confusing for them and put them in a position they do not quite... (more »)
Cryogenics: Today's Imagination...
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There has been a new talk. A talk of something very unique. If achieved, it could fundamentally change the lives of everyone on planet earth. From those who have already left us, to our very own selves. What such talk is this you may ask?... (more »)
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Malaria is one of the world’s biggest killers. Malaria is a blood disease caused by a kind of mosquito. The world health organization is trying its best to overcome this issue. The main cause of malaria is its rapid spread globally.... (more »)
The Life of Alan Turing
By , Carbondale, PA
When studying history there are many notable figures that most will never forget. From Winston Churchill to Adolf Hitler, some figures are never forgotten, while others are lost throughout the seams of history. Alan Turing is not a household... (more »)
The Tortured Life of Nikola Tesla
By , Moscow, PA
When thinking of electricity the first person that comes to mind is Thomas Edison, an esteemed inventor and business man. However, Edison’s discovery of electricity was perfected by Nikola Tesla, the Serbian engineer, physicist, and... (more »)
Was Christopher Columbus Pirate or Hero?
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There has long been a disagreement about whether Christopher Columbus was a pirate or hero. This was written to tell the he was a pirate finding things that could benefit his homeland of Spain but instead keeping it for himself. He tried... (more »)
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