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What Is Football
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America is a melting pot of cultures. All these cultures are blended together and given a twist that makes it uniquely American. One example of this could be American football which is a mix of rugby and soccer with some changes. American... (more »)
My Weird Thing
By , Mason , OH
Goals cannot be left unfinished. Objectives can not be averted. You have to complete what you start. That is my mind set and how I always approach things. If I feel that something is not achievable and is too out there, I don’t go after... (more »)
Marilyn Monroe: The Real Story
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Marilyn Monroe’s entire life was shrouded in mystery,even to this very day, from the time of her birth to the night of her untimely death.  She was the It-Girl of Hollywood, starring in over 25 movies throughout her 16 year career in... (more »)
Why Percy is Great
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There are many different stories with a plethora of unique characters. All of these people, weather human or not, are special. They have the ability to teach lessons, entertain an audience, and connect on so many levels with the real world. Out... (more »)
Fictional Phenom
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One of the most brilliant things about humans and characters alike, is that not one is exactly the same as the other. Each person, character, holds specific characteristics that make each of them different, even if by a meer amount. Within... (more »)
Macbeth by William Shakespeare
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Not everything that happens to a person comes from outside forces. Different than other Shakespearean characters such as Hamlet, Macbeth’s tragedy occurs not because of his fate but solely because of himself. In other words, Macbeth... (more »)
Descriptive Essay of Rick Sanchez
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There has been plenty of scientists in television shows. Some of the scientists being included as flat, irrelevant side characters, others being the dynamic protagonist of the show that establishes its entire theme. But very few television... (more »)
The Book Thief
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The world can be a cruel place, but there are those select few people who make the world just a little bit better. Hans Hubermann, a character from the novel, The Book Thief, displays his true act of kindness towards multiple characters during... (more »)
My Neighborhood
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On the east side of Auburn, New York, you will find a special little neighborhood. Connecting Walnut and East Genesee street you will find a quaint little street. Its name is Sherman and if you travel directly through you will be greeted by... (more »)
A Memorable Character
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Lennie Small is a character that I find to be distinct over any other. This character is different in many ways. He is innocent and kind hearted, like a baby in a sand box. Although Lennie is a very large man, he wouldn’t hurt a fly, at... (more »)
Two Tragedies
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We all have flaws, and sometimes they are depicted through characters in literature. In both Macbeth, a play by Shakespeare and the novel The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald, there are two main characters who experience a demise because of their... (more »)
By , Auburn, NY
Instantly forgotten, and hated by her parents, the newborn child was left in the back of a car. Her bald head was covered by a pink knit hat, her face held an expression of nothingness. The baby was filled with intelligence and already knew... (more »)
Fiction No More
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Today, September 11th 2017 students in 8th grade, Ms. Sholtes language arts class were outraged by the shocking news. The 8th grade students were working on their writing assignments when all of a sudden Ms. Sholtes received an... (more »)
Only Nonfiction?
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Students in Mukwonago are stunned today after viewing a recent School Board email that was recently sent out to all common arts classroom teachers. The email specifically stated, “Effective immediately, we will be asking all sixth through... (more »)
Hurricane Jose
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Recently a Hurricane has sprouted in Hurricane Irma’s midst. This Hurricane is called Hurricane Jose. Hurricane Jose is scheduled to hit Florida and the islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to Irmas recent presence Hurricane Jose will... (more »)
Construction at Mukwonago High School
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Recently many students have seen the progress of the construction happening at the Mukwonago High School. This construction has been happening since the summer of 2016. So far construction workers have made a new bus system in the parking lot,... (more »)
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