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Here is the most recent academic writing:

Traumatic Experiences and Quality of Life
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Traumatic Experiences and Quality of Life For most people quality of life is good, maybe great, and different experiences can greatly affect one’s quality of life. Everybody makes changes to their life for example getting a new job or... (more »)
Negative Effects of Poverty on Indians
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In the modern day world, many cultures have blended together forming new religions and different habits. This has created many different types of people, and new ways to represent themselves as humans. Generation after generation, people have... (more »)
Ending the Ivory Trade and the Illegal Poaching...
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A baby elephant and its parents walk up to a watering hole to drink. The baby stalks ahead and gets there before the parents. It turns around to see if they are coming and sees them both lying on the ground, dead. Just imagine being this baby... (more »)
The Raven
One poem can have multiple meanings. Depending on the perspective, a happy poem can become sad. Something that was supposed to be meaningful can turn into a joke. In “The Raven”, Edgar Allen Poe took advantage of the power of perspective. He... (more »)
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Impressionable The Circle, a children’s book I wrote, is about a young student who is different from everyone else in their school. The main character is a circle shape that goes to an elementary school where all the other students... (more »)
The French Election
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The French Election America, you need to keep up with the French election; and the future ones to come. France is a republic, which means that they elect candidates just like the United States. I’m here to tell you all about the main... (more »)
Alcoholism’s Impact on Family Life
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Throughout history, alcohol has taken many different forms. Its strong taste, ability to alter the mind, and capacity to make people more sociable is favorable among adults who wish to have a good time after a long work week. Although alcohol... (more »)
The Mistreatment of People with Disabilities
By , Randolph, NJ
People with disabilities face many challenges throughout their lifetime, the most common being the mistreatment they receive from others around them. These people are constantly being both verbally and physically abused by others simply because... (more »)
Discrimination and its Effects
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     The idea of not treating others equally due to their physical appearance or heritage is an epidemic in the modern world. Excuses are being created to belittle another because of how they look or their familial background. The constant... (more »)
The French Revolution’s Failure to Uphold...
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The Enlightenment was a time of educational prosper in which new ideas and standards were developed through processes of logic and reason, allowing the expansion of influential knowledge across Europe. The foundation of such information emanated... (more »)
The Baroque Music through History
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Baroque Period  During the Baroque period of orchestral music, the  leader of the group was usually the harpsichordist or  violinist in the group.  Baroque musicians also had a lot of work to  complete. For ex. Composing new music for... (more »)
Stigma Toward the Mentally Disabled
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Unbeknownst to the vast majority of people, stigma plays a role in the lives of every individual, determining their opportunities and future. Stigma, by definition, is a mark of incompetence that is associated with a particular category of... (more »)
The Crime of Our Time
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A possible solution to solve the problem of sexual assault and rape in college campuses would be for colleges to provide safe places for victims to report any incidents involving sexual assault. A major factor that attributes to the inability to... (more »)
The Autobiography of Malcolm X
By , Park Ridge, IL
Although I have much knowledge of Malcolm X, I thought it would be very beneficial/influential, and or a very educational experience if I were to revisit his history, and his strong ideology on many of the problems that were existent and are... (more »)
It's Just a Dream
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For most people, the “American dream” is the ultimate goal in life. To be self-made and successful is something that people have been dreaming of since before time. One thing that people don’t understand, however, is that this... (more »)
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
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“Monster” can be used to describe a person who behaves badly and who is aggressive. The word insinuates a negative feeling about people who do evil things. In Frankenstein, a being is created by a determined scientist Victor... (more »)
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