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Children's Rights
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According to the “Proclamation Declaration of the Rights of the Child,” a child should be able to enjoy their rights of special protection, benefits of social security, an education, and be provided with protection against abuse.... (more »)
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The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns...
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The books The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns have the same theme, that the characters want to live life to the fullest, because the characters are on the verge of their lasts, they share similar wild personalities, and all dream of a... (more »)
Analysis of The Dolphins by Carol Ann Duffy
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This poem is about a dolphin, remembering its previous free life in the ocean, speaks about the experience of being confined to an aquarium with others of its kind where it is expected to perform tricks in the aquatic equivalent of a circus and... (more »)
Life Altering Consequences.
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People make thousands of decisions a day. What to wear, what to eat, what to say, etc. It is such an instinctive attribute that people hardly ever think about their decisions until they have to face the unexpected consequences. As a result... (more »)
Unraveling the true nature.
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The books Lord of the Flies by William Golding and The Giver by Lois Lowery are drastically different at a first glance. One teaches that Human beings are savage monsters torn down by trials, while the other proclaims that we are free spirited... (more »)
College ready
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College is HARD, yet you have to live with it. It’s that thing that your parents have kept on telling you about since the time you started school. Some dread it while others wait patiently for it to come by. In my opinion college ready traits... (more »)
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Maya Angelou captures the essence of Michael Jackson and mourns for his loss in her lyrical poem, “We Had Him.” Angelou paints a portrait of Jackson’s talents and his creativity. Angelou expresses the mourning and the shock that... (more »)
    “What is wrong with him?.” Mom said. “No idea.” Dad said.     They were talking about my brother, Jacob. It all started when he was in seventh grade. He got really sick. Like really sick.... (more »)
No Author's Purpose
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There is no such thing as an author's purpose, at least not in my book. Year after year in almost all of the English classes I have been taught to look for what the author or writer intended for me to see. No what I actually learned... (more »)
Save the Monarchs
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In the last twenty years, Monarch butterfly numbers have declined by roughly ninety percent in the US.  This is shocking considering how plentiful they once were.  The Monarch is the most well-known butterfly and is a symbol of nature and... (more »)
Goals & Aspirations
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Jane Goodall once said, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” And that difference I want to make is becoming a Zoologist. My interest in Zoology began with my love for Elephants.... (more »)
Wizard of Oz Report
Did you ever think of a book that had more detail than the movie, all the time right, but this book is different. The movie had way more detail because the book is really small and didn’t have that much detail. The Wizard of Oz is about a... (more »)
The Hobbit: Book and Movie Comparison
In the book, Bilbo Baggins lives in a hole under the hill. Where he is a respected pillar in the hobbit community. Hobbits are small people with hairy toes and big bellies. They like beer and funny jokes. Even though Bilbo baggins has spent his... (more »)
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Gears are one of the greatest building blocks of today’s inventions. gears in history are right up next to the wheel. It gave us a maneuver and started a generation of non-stop evolving. Gears provide us with a base and have been around... (more »)
To Zarf or Not to Zarf
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Are you a zarf? I know you, you probably are, why would you do such a thing? Does it make you feel strong does it make you feel heroic? Zarf, in its purest definition is a person who holds a cup not containing handles. But what does it really... (more »)
Cons of Bottled Water
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     Bottled water is everywhere. In vending machines, grocery stores, gas stations, and our fridges. Did you ever think what was in that bottle? Or how the bottle was made? Bottled water is overrated for many reasons people... (more »)
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