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The Science of Music
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Music is an truly amazing thing.  Anyone can enjoy music, no matter who they are, how old they are, or whatever their personality might be.  In addition, anyone can listen to any type of music, whether it’s jazz, hip-hop,classical, and... (more »)
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Dolphin, Orca
By , Edison, NJ
Dolphins are very smart animals. The have the IQ as a thirteen-years-old child. There are many kind of dolphins, like common bottlenose dolphin, atlantic spotted dolphin, chilean dolphin and other kind.Dolphins sizes are vary from 1.2 m (4 ft)... (more »)
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
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Maslow’s Hierarchy is one of the most well-known and influential perceptions on human behavior. His theory describes how a person learning skills, growth, and behavior can be affected by whether or not certain needs are being met in that... (more »)
I Believe
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It was 5:00 on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of April. My brother Sam and I were beat after a long day of testing at the gym. We had already tested our agility and bench press but we knew we had to go hard for deadlifting. We started out... (more »)
The One that Got Away
By , Granbury, TX
Throughout life I have found few things to be immune to change- the inevitability of pain, and the human ability to push through. This I found about three years ago, after I had beaten another bout of depression. I had finally gotten myself... (more »)
The Importance of Veterans
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Whether it be a family member, friend, or neighbor, most of us are fortunate to know someone who has proudly and honorably served our country. Because of our veterans we live in peace today. Our nation and our way of life has rested upon the... (more »)
The Reality of Dreams
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The sounds of the quiet hum of the sewing machine at work and the snip snip of scissors cutting fabric are the only sounds that fill my room. Until Tim Gunn finally announces that the contestants have only a short time left. Even as complete... (more »)
The Path to CCR
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At my high school, being labeled as “CCR” is a privilege many students aspire to achieve. “CCR” stands for College and Career Ready. For those of us who have not yet achieved this status, we wonder what it is like for... (more »)
The Yellow Wallpaper (Charlotte Perkins Gilman)...
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"The Yellow Wallpaper" is a parable of women's oppression and a narrative of one woman's descent into madness under patriarchy. In this narrative, Charlotte Perkins Gilman highlights the oppression of women in the 1890's... (more »)
Formal Appearance
By , New Orleans, LA
Education can be defined broadly. There are two forms, formal and informal. Formal, academic education and informal, are lessons you’ve learned from your family, friends, or experiences. These two types of education can be extremely... (more »)
Emotions and Beautiful Music
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Emotions are the entire universe within oneself. They are humanity at its essence. So why look at them as any less? I’ve discovered throughout my own personal development that treating each piece of music like a different being, alive,... (more »)
Unidentified Persons Awareness
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Imagine leaving your home to go to work, school or getting groceries. It's a normal day and the sun shines vibrantly in front of you. But then, your life ends. It doesn't matter how, but it's over. You lose your friends, family,... (more »)
What Does the Sea Represent in "The...
In “The Seafarer,” the open ocean represents much more than just a body of water; it represents a malicious beauty that never falters to draw in the narrator. When out at sea, the narrator depicts a storm so horrific that “No man sheltered... (more »)
Ernest Hemingway: How His Life Affected His...
There is no doubt that Ernest Hemingway was one of the best American writers of his time, but what was it that made him write what he did? He experienced many things people don’t experience today. Beginning at a young age he was introduced to... (more »)
How did the Black Plague impact the lives of...
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The rolling hills and meandering streams of abundant Europe cover over a dark past; a mass grave of corpses young and old. The plague that killed them, aptly named the “Black Death,” haunted the streets throughout the fourteenth... (more »)
This I Believe: The Key to Happiness
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Having everything you want doesn't make you happy. You can always think that nothing can ruin your day, but in reality, something bad can always happen. But even when I find myself in that position, I think, I have absolutely nothing to lose and... (more »)
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