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Here is the most recent academic writing:

The Battle of the Bulge
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December 16, 1944 The Allies begin their final push towards the German fatherland. The battle hardened Germans put up a valiant defense but they are overwhelmed no matter how many tanks they destroy the Americans just keep replacing them. The... (more »)
Importance Of Diversity
President Johnson, responsible for designing The Great Society, once stated, “The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources-because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples”(Johnson). America was... (more »)
Let's Talk: Mental Illness
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“Psychopathic”, “crazy”, and “lunatic” are often words closely associated with mental illness. We, as a society, are harsh critics of the weak. We often base our judgements on others’ suffering and... (more »)
Ode to Lincoln
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America has had many great men and women that have worked to better the country and have set in motion and number of changes that have impacted the nation even to present day.  The greatest American in history, however, was Abraham Lincoln... (more »)
Fahrenheit 451, Illustrating the Status Quo and...
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 imminent threat of a centralized government. The government gains control over people by making people think only what it wants them to think. For example, Mildred always has “Seashells” in her ears that she cannot hear Montag when he... (more »)
Literary Analysis of Les Miserables
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Les Misérables by Victor Hugo is a renowned French classic of the nineteenth century which follows the life and times of Jean Valjean and the fascinating cast of characters with whom he interacts. Though a riveting story that is both... (more »)
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Fort Knox, an Empty Haven
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On April 5 of 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued the Executive Order 6012, which forced all US citizens to surrender their gold to save their economy. Over half of the world’s gold was collected as a result. Furthermore, the... (more »)
The Effects of Social Hierarchy in To Kill a...
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“All men are created equal.” This is a phrase that has often been regarded as the sacred creed to a land of opportunity, the doctrine of an indestructible nation, and the crux of American philosophy. In her literary masterpiece To... (more »)
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Easier Preparation of Food: How it Contributed...
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Raw dishes such as sushi and sashimi are good. In fact, they are considered as exclusive dishes. Yet in spite of how delicious raw food appeals to our taste, humans will not appreciate if their raw meal continues. Now, people have become so... (more »)
Emotional Expression
From a young age, who people become is affected by the people around them.  The example that others set for them makes a huge impact on what they will strive to be as well as strive not to be.  Also, some characteristics must be... (more »)
Education: Investing in the Future
The desire for knowledge brings different people together, but they all share the same goal: to improve their quality of life through education. These people are connected by the determination to succeed and make a good living for themselves.... (more »)
Bringing the American Civil War to an End
Even 150 years after its conclusion, the American Civil War still touches many. The immortality of this piece of history stems from its intimacy to the American people. Its nearness in geography, chronology, and genealogy bring it quite close to... (more »)
Sports Visualizations and Imagery: See the...
The purpose of this study was to examine the immediate effects of visualizations and imagery on sports performance in athletes. This research paper provides insight on the background of why imagery works and how imagery can affect athlete... (more »)
Sound Powered Smartphone: Realistic or Not?
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This study examined the possibility of charging a smartphone with the acoustic sound around us. In various studies and interviews, it was proven that acoustic, hearable sound, could only produce a minimal amount of power when converted to... (more »)
Stem Cells Versus Bisphosphonates
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My research has to do with finding the best solution for osteoporosis. I am comparing stem cells and bisphosphonates in terms of speed, cost, and effectiveness. Bisphosphonates are a type of drug that slows down bone deterioration while stem... (more »)
Cross Cultural Barriers in Nonverbal Communication
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When speaking to others, only a fraction of one’s communication is verbal, the larger portion of the message being composed of hand motions, tone of voice, posture, stance, and appearance; in other words, language is mostly nonverbal. However,... (more »)
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