The Baroque Music through History

May 20, 2017
By SerenityWriter BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
SerenityWriter BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Baroque Period  During the Baroque period of orchestral music, the  leader of the group was usually the harpsichordist or  violinist in the group.  Baroque musicians also had a lot of work to  complete. For ex. Composing new music for weekly  concerts, and rehearsing and managing the  orchestra,they also had to take care of the instruments  and the music library.    Antonio Vivaldi was a young violinist, around the?   age of 15 he wrote his first opera Ottone in Vila.  People love Vivaldi’s works. Vivaldi composed a few  more opera but people did not like them. Vivaldi is  known for his orchestral works the Four Seasons. 

The author's comments:

My love of music absolutley over the top. One of my favorite orchestral time periods of music is the Baroque period, becasue of all of the musically enclined minds it birthed. I hope that you will get more into the real music like the Baroque period by reading this article.

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