History of Music

October 5, 2016
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                                             History of Music
Music is  known  in  every  known culture.(“History of Music”)Music  has  been  around  for at  least  55,000  years.  Studies  show   that  one  of  the  first  instruments  found  was  most likely   made  around  800 B.C. Some of   the   earliest forms  of  music  were  probably  drums  or  the  human  voice, and  some  of  the  more  advanced  instruments  Harps, lutes,  and  Rattles. Music  has  brought  out  many  emotions  for  humans  since  the  Ancient  times  to  Classical  to  Modern.

The  Ancient  era can  be  considered  a  big  part  of  musical  development.  The  Ancient  Egyptians  had  created  many  instruments  like Harps lutes, cymbals, etc.(“History of Music”). Music was a big part of Egyptian Culture. In Ancient India they created some amazing musical instruments such as stringed instruments and flutes. Ancient Rome had a large music range. They had music from Egypt and Greece. Ancient Rome had used music in a lot of things like religion and entertainment.

Classical music can be known as secular music or art music. The Classical era lasted from about 1750-1830. This era happened between baroque and the romantic era. Some famous composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Antonio Vivaldi were classical music composers. Instruments that had been used a lot in the Classical era were the violin, piano, and stringed instruments.

Modern music had a big increase with a variety of music. During this era Musicians had more freedom to create their own style of music. The style of music had really changed from the earlier era’s.(Classical Composer The Modern Era 2010) Some instruments that were created in this era, were electric guitars, Amplifiers, advanced drums, etc.  Many radio broadcasting, concerts, and theatre shows starting popping up in the 20th century. Sound recording became very popular. The 20th Century was also the start of more people discovering new types of music.

Music has inspired many people for many years. It has inspired through the Ancient era, the Classical era, Modern era, etc. There are many different types and styles and those have been around for many generations. Music will probably keep inspiring people for many more years to come. 

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