Technology Evolution

October 5, 2016
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Technology Evolution

“Anything else for you Mr. Johnson ?” “ No, but thank you siri.” Technology has openly helped us throughout our lives. But since the last 25 years, we have been making more and more technology everyday.  Phones, computers, tablets, tv’s, electronic cars, etc. People wake up everyday making more and more technology. For example: the Iphone. This phone has been existing since June 29, 2007. Technology has made our society easier. Also it has helped us access things quicker because we have our phone on us at all times. Also animal powered, voice recognition, and human controlled. These things have made our lives better. SO much better.

Voice Recognition Tech

There are different types of electronic technology. Such as animal powered, voice controlled [ siri, etc.] , and more. Voice recognition gets freakishly good. It used to be that voice recognition always fell short of our expectations, but there have been some major technology development that have cracked the code on speech recognition. (Tuttle) This explains how voice recognition has changed our job, situation, etc. Another type of tech is voice recognition. I wonder, how has that made our lives superior.

Animal Powered Tech
Another variety of technology is animal powered. It is technology where it works from animals working the machine.  Animal powered tech was made to complete different and multiple tasks. But human tech is made for much more situations. Although animal powered tech can do so much, human powered/ machine powered can do much more. (“[No Title]”) . This explains how using animal powered machinery can benefit us so that we don't have to do the work. Also it can affect them such as being not making them have to struggle, doing all the work, etc. Just like us, we never want to do all the work because we are just too lazy.

Human Powered Tech
Human controlled technology has made our lives a piece of cake because we can control it how we want to operate it. Cars, video games, helicopters, sinks, and more. Practically everything we use we have to use the internet for it. We take it wherever we go. The drawback with that is we have to use a lot of electricity for it. That’s why we are developing human tech  (Buczynski) . This explains that using things with our power makes things so much better to use it.

Technology Overall
In the past 25 years, technology has continually progressed. As a result of this, it has helped us make our own lives easier and complete tasks very swiftly. From computers, to tablets. Phones to Mp3’s. Helping us from work to home.  Out of town to our city. And much more. But technology doesn't always work the way u want it to. That's why people always say “ Don't  have faith in technology”. So just always know that tech does the job, but a lot of times it can mess up the situation. You never know what will happen to it.

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