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Why Cell Phones Should Not be Allowed in a School Setting

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In this modern world everyone has a cellphone. By 2010 seventy-five percent of twelve to seventeen year olds owned mobile phones and in the past two years that number has increased (Ludden). Recently, the use of cell phones for cheating on tests, a new method of passing notes, and even cyber bullying have become major issues. Brevard County already has strict policies regarding phone use in schools, if caught with a cell phone students get a referral, their phone is confiscated, and after repeat offenses they can lose their phone privileges (Student/Parent Contract). But are these rules strict enough? If fifty-four percent of students admit to using phones in schools where similar rules are in place, they obviously are not (Ludden). For the good of the students cellphones need to be banned from schools.

What would you rather go a week without; your cellphone or your toothbrush? Forty percent of iPhone users answered toothbrush to this question (Ludden). As a society we are addicted to our cell phones and students are by far the worst offenders sending more texts a day than any other age group, an average of three hundred and thirty-three per month in 2010 (Watters). When the dismissal bell rings at just about any school you are sure to witness dozens of students whipping out their phones almost instantaneously. “If you can’t go six hours without your phone, you’re addicted,” says Diane Phillips, 2011’s Brevard County Teacher of the Year, at the 2011-2012 Brevard Future Educators conference when speaking about the distractions of phones while studying (Philips). It would be beneficial not only to the education of students but to their health as well to separate them from their phones for the time that they are at school. A study by Gaby Badre shows that teenagers who use their phones constantly often experience “increased restlessness with more careless lifestyles, more consumption of stimulating beverages, difficulty in falling asleep and disruptive sleep, and more susceptibility to stress and fatigue.” (Excessive Mobile Phone Use Affects Sleep) Many people who use cell phones too much also experience headaches and even a phantom ringing sound distracting them and keeping them awake at night. (Braff)

Health effects aside, it is well know that texting in class has become a growing epidemic. When students are allowed to have their phones with them in class, many will take this as an opportunity to use them. This leads to disruptions in class, bullying, and even cheating on tests. (Cohen) There has also been some discussion on whether texting effects spelling and writing in the classroom setting. If students are texting in class, “computer talk” can affect their grades. In a survey on edutopia, fifty-four percent of people found that texting was having an effect on the writing habits of young people. (Watters)

One of the most common reason that parents like their kids to keep their phones with them at school is so that in the case of an emergency, their kids can call them. However, in an emergency situation, cellphones can sometimes create as many problems as they solve. Phone systems are only designed to take so many signals at once and too many signals can cause the system to crash. Take the recent earthquake in Virginia for example; as many people hurried to call their friends and family the cell and landline systems were down for up to an hour. For a short time this created mass panic and people thought cell towers and telephone poles were knocked down by the earthquake. In the case of an emergency like this it could render the school’s phone system useless if hundreds of kids start making calls all at once. (Rush) Not only can cell phones escalate emergencies in school they can even cause them, students have been known to call in bomb threats in order to get out of class. Last year Jefferson had a bomb threat, the entire school was evacuated and the hazmat team had to search the school. All of that started because of a post on Facebook by a disgruntled student who didn’t want to go to school that day. If a student has their phone on at school when a classmate or teacher makes them angry they could make a post like this; sending the school into a frantic state of emergency. Although the student would later be expelled for the bomb threat but if phones weren’t allowed in the first place cases like this could be prevented, saving valuable class time.

Allowing cell phones in school is a danger to the health and education of students. Banning cell phones is in the best interest of everyone; it will help student’s grades, separate them from the negative effects for a few hours, and it helps the school to keep students safe in an emergency, and even prevent bomb threats. Schools have the power to help prevent all of these things cell phones can cause by simply banning them from their campus.

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jordan said...
May 19 at 9:51 pm
Students not focusing and having this access can cause low test scores and grades. Students and kids aren't paying attention in class because they are texting, posting, and more. According to the article Cell phones should not be allowed in school, “ when technology is multipurpose, such as cell phones, it can both be distracting and disruptive.”(paragraph 3)This is saying that no matter what students think, texting while in class isn't helpful and there's no way to do both and still be lear... (more »)
Mitchell.S. said...
May 19 at 1:57 pm
unless of course that bomb threat really happened
Mitchell.S. said...
May 19 at 1:55 pm
i dont think it should be banned no matter what
mitchell said...
May 19 at 1:45 pm
really good advice coming from me....the smartest kid in my grade 6 class
Just_A_Kid_101 said...
Apr. 7 at 2:56 pm
Thanks for the info really helped persuade me into a new side i used to think that students should not have there phone in class due to the distractions but i found some really great information i never thought of before thank you i really needed the information for my school speech i really never thought i would disagree with not having phones in school but hey there´s always persuasion.;)
A-year7-wildy-lion said...
Mar. 31 at 11:44 pm
Thanks, this helped a lot with my essay! The reasons are really good and another reason is radiation. It is really bad to have on you at all times
BuddingRoseThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Mar. 14 at 12:43 pm
I understand your side of the debate, but in some cases, the cell phone can be useful in situations like checking grades. I have downloaded the PowerSchool application on my phone, and it has helped me keep track of my grades when a computer is out of reach. But saying cell phones should be banned completely is a bit on the extreme side.
Athena Golden replied...
Mar. 22 at 10:39 am
you have compters...i know im a student
nimy190668jjjj said...
Mar. 10 at 4:52 pm
i think people should not use phones because it could be a ditratoion
Just_a_student said...
Mar. 9 at 12:12 pm
This really helped me on my essay! Thanks so much!
gaygalaxy6892 said...
Mar. 7 at 12:32 pm
You can live without your phone for 6 hours. If it is an emergency I understand, but otherwise you can go without it.
Bellefontaine Lady said...
Mar. 2 at 1:54 pm
Very well written young lady, and yes ... I do believe the spirit of your grandmother is with you. You probably feel what you feel because she's right beside you, watching and helping you everyday. We all felt the loss of your grandmother all those years ago, and we have never forgotten. I'm so sorry that she was stripped away from everyone who loved her, and those who came after who would have been blessed to share their world with her. Keep talking to her, she hears you ❤️
Poop said...
Feb. 29 at 9:48 am
hi how are you all today
princessdaphne said...
Feb. 3 at 11:55 am
phones should be used in schools only for family issues
justsaying replied...
Feb. 22 at 11:57 am
@princessdaphne it still causes some to cheat the school usually has a phone for you or the parent to call the school or the student so there is no need for extra stress of cheating, texting, listing to music, playing games, etc.
Cute Little Dolphin replied...
Mar. 14 at 12:15 am
You can call in the office or in the classroom telephone. I am pretty sure that teacher will allow you to call from there if you tell them it is an emergency. So, I think cell phones are no good in schools.
Earbear said...
Jan. 31 at 3:27 pm
Great article!
love kpop said...
Jan. 27 at 7:51 pm
there are people who do this they always do that they wanted to be on their phone and listen to music even if i have my own phone i don't use it in school.
Ayesha said...
Jan. 22 at 2:00 pm
Wishaaal! This is juat amazinggg. So proud of you! Ma Shaa Allah.
crymeariver said...
Jan. 15 at 4:00 pm
I dont like this... its bad but you have potential, keep trying
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