School Uniforms

October 21, 2011
By kristakelly BRONZE, Nicholasville, Kansas
kristakelly BRONZE, Nicholasville, Kansas
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We shouldn’t have to have School Uniforms. Lots of people would dislike them. There not how they would dress. There also not fun. School Uniforms shouldn’t be allowed.

Students should be able to dress freely in whatever they would like to. Not how the School wants them too. We should be able to be free to dress how we please. Kids our age need to be able to be expressive. And shown-off, not hidden behind Uniforms that are boring.

What students wear shows off there personalities. How they act, what there personality could be like, who there friends are, how nice they are, what there into, what lifestyle they live, where there from, if there preppy or not, poor or rich… & etc.

So… If your goth you should be able to dress gothic. If you’re a nerdy then you dress like a nerd. If your rich then you dress fancy. If your poor then you would dress poorly. You shouldn’t have to hide your personalities behind a Uniform, that doesn’t show your true personality.

School Uniforms shouldn’t be allowed. Students should be able to show off there personalities & have fun with who they are.

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