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Staying Connected with the World
Language is how we communicate. It is how we share our thoughts and feelings to one another. It is how we stay connected. Our modern world is full of different, elaborate languages, and we are fortunate enough to be able to learn them in... (more »)
When I Grow Up
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Have you seen someone talk about what they really want to do or have one day? You watch them wander in their own thoughts. Suddenly, they aren't talking to you. They're talking to themselves. They're reveling in the idea of what they want. They... (more »)
Congratulations! You Failed!
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Typically the words “congratulations” and “you failed” aren’t paired together, so why are they now? You see, failing isn’t necessarily a negative thing. There are several beneficial aspects of failing that... (more »)
PREACH: Is Perfect Really Worth It?
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Why be perfect? Is perfect really worth it? Why be perfect, when you can mess up, make mistakes and hurt inside? Why let people push you too far, why challenge others when you could be challenging yourself. Why be a person, who is flawless,... (more »)
Live When You're Alive
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It is surprising to see how so many people find it extremely difficult to just do what they want to do. Whether it is parents, relatives, your social circle or other factors, something or another is always pulling you down.   Listening to... (more »)
We're Just Humans
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When we are 6, on our first bycycle ride, we expect ourselves to roll down the lane like a professional. But most of us, tumble. And that’s okay, because we’re just humans. Humans trying out things that they’ve never done before, humans... (more »)
Nuclear Meltdown
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What happened to the nuclear family? Two parents, two children, perfect family. The splintering to halves and steps and exes. A complete nuclear meltdown. What was wrong with perfection? Blue collar. White collar. Mothers in dresses under... (more »)
Where Is This "Equality" You Speak Of?
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When people hear the words “gender pay gap” or anything associated with it, they brush it off as a trivial issue that has nothing to do with the present world.  That is where as humans, we are able to be deceived so easily with a few lies... (more »)
Love and Power
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Love and power. Two very important ideas. And seemingly unrelated. But are they? When someone tells you they love you, they say they will do anything for you. Isn’t that power? The ability to tell someone to do something? It works the other... (more »)
We Are Art
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"Art is a way of making life more bearable." The complexity of realistic human life is a delicate balance of molecules and other aspects of our environment. I don't believe any amount of intelligence will ever be able to... (more »)
We Are All Mutual Liars
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Why do people lie? Well, here’s a list of reasons that you might though of: 1. Escape from punishment. For example: you always tell your mom that you spent your allowance on a project even though you didn’t, because, if... (more »)
A Rising Liberal on the Confederate Flag
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To the gentlemen I heard discussing the fate of the Confederate flag at work today: You're absolutely right. Taking the flag off of your license plate and removing it from your front porch will in no way eradicate racism. There will always be... (more »)
We Deserve Freedom!!!
You say they can't go to sleepovers or nowhere alone but some times you have to realize they are teenagers and they need freedom when they get older your not always gonna be there for them .They are humans not animals. You treat them like... (more »)
Lessons That My Mother Taught Me
By , Trumbull, CT
Lessons That My Mom Taught Me “Your morals are more important that your successes.” No matter what the outcomes are, your virtue is the most valuable asset that you could own. Being a good person is much more important that being a well... (more »)
A Box Marked Race And Ethnicity
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Breathe. Just Breathe. You’ll be fine. In an hour this experience will be only to be spoken about in the past tense. “Please locate section A on your testing booklet. Print your name in the space provided and then fill the corresponding... (more »)
A Child Without A Nationality : The Problem Of...
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There’s always that one kid that who never shuts up - the kid  being slapped in the mouth by their parents, because they’re never quiet. That was me: opinionated, unswayed by attempts to silence my gift of gab. To be fair though, when you... (more »)
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