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Short-Term Mission Trips
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Some people go into the world feeling like a superhero- thinking they can save the world. The unfortunate truth is...they can't. So, instead of wasting time and money investing in an impossible feat, save the world for a few individuals, or... (more »)
Finding Balance in a World of Technology This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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This summer I went to Mountain Meadow Ranch, a no-tech sleepaway camp. Mountain Meadow Ranch, an actual working ranch, was an hour drive away from the Reno airport. At MMR there was no technology except for cameras. Normally everyday I check my... (more »)
The Humanities Are What Make Us Human This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“The humanities are what make us human.” A simple, duh-ish statement. The word “humanities” has two meanings. First, it is defined as a collection of all human beings, or as human nature. Second, it is the study of the classics. It makes... (more »)
How the Media Disrupts People
By , Los Angeles, CA
I walk to school anxious, nervous, and scared. I feel like I am going to throw up before a volleyball or basketball game,  but I cover it up by being loud. The happiest people are the fakest; they are the nervous and scared. People... (more »)
That's Not Fair
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As a child it was incredibly difficult to comprehend the concept of fair. With toys, unused by you, scattered across the room, it was easy to assume that your work was finished. You had carefully placed each item of choice upon its correct... (more »)
Why Do Humans Procrastinate?
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We’ve all been at a stage in our lives where we have procrastinated. Whether it was a paper due the next day, or planning a surprise party for your best friend, we’ve always put our top priorities to the side when we shouldn’t... (more »)
Put it Down
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Everyone put your phones down for one second and listen up. Hold on, what do you see? You see something other than Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram? Wow, imagine that, there’s more to life than your phone and social media? Interesting.... (more »)
How to know when you are being left out
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You know you are being left out when you. Go to share go news and no one real cares or reacts. When you want to jump in  on a game in guy class and no one will let you on their team. When you share something really big and they really do not... (more »)
Community Service Within Yourself
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300 years of experience… and even before then-- this way of being, thinking and living changed people’s lives. Before paper, computers, or phones were even invented this secret was alive. But what is it? How do I find it? How do... (more »)
A Teen Girl's Bedroom This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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A teen girl’s bedroom is a breeding ground. Open the door, step inside, and close it. The door is plastered with magazine photos—Zayn, One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Bieber all stare at you with smiling faces, and from the... (more »)
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A six-letter word that can change your day, attitude and maybe even your life.  Feeling lonely is like being around everyone yet feeling like you’re the only one there.  Feeling lonely is like being that one piece of cheese... (more »)
Truly Beautiful
By , Walker, MI
I can’t help that I have a baby face or that I may not look as old as I really am. But I’m still a human being inside who has feelings. Those ‘harmless’ jokes hit a lot deeper down in my heart. They left scars that cannot... (more »)
Freedom of Speech
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You are allowed to speak. I’m allowed to speak. We are both allowed to say whatever we want, to who we wish. Our words may be of harm, lies, truth, or kindness. We are especially both allowed to disagree with each other. That is our... (more »)
Ready to Change the World
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When I ask somebody to tell me what matters to them they monotonously reply with “my future career” or “school” or “my friendships”, of course they are all reasonable answers but they feel rehearsed. During these conversations, I... (more »)
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In a crowd, my family could be easily picked out- dark, brown hair with small streaks of auburn weaved in; accompanied by a narrow nose and eager eyes. We have similar features all around, even our smiles. My brothers and I get our smile from... (more »)
To Whom I'm Living My Life For
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Six thousand three hundred and sixteen. That's how many people on average die every hour. Some at old age and some at a young age, like a girl that got hit by a car at my school recently. Do they want to die, probably not, but it makes you... (more »)
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