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Prophesy Withdrawls
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People always say “Man, I wish I would’ve known that would happen.” Or “If I knew that, I wouldn’t have done that!” Kind of ironic, isn’t it? Basically, one of the main things our “amazing technology” of the century hasn’t... (more »)
Mistakes in Life
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Think back on today, maybe yesterday as well, how about a week or a month or a year. What does all of this have in common?  How about a mistake within each and every one of those. It may have been big or it may have been small. ... (more »)
The First Step to a Better Country
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Too many tragedies have occurred due to gun violence. Most Americans agree that something needs to be done to stop these horrific occurrences. They have become too common. There shouldn’t be a shooting almost every day. Therefore, laws... (more »)
Meaning of Life
By , Glendale, CA
Family is considered to be the most involved in your life and the people who will be there during all types of difficulties and hardships endured. I feel that family can be the furthest cousin to your twin, just the person who is always there... (more »)
Is Solving Poverty A Complex Task?
By , Glendale, CA
To the most elementary level, poverty describes a lack of money. There have been multiple efforts put in by the public to diminish such a complication. One such method includes college students putting up posters on college campuses for other... (more »)
Real or Not Real?
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i remember how in pre-school our teachers would talk about day and night. how the sun and moon had this magical schedule, friendship, understanding. one rests. one stays up. right? wrong. in high school i learnt the truth. how the sun and... (more »)
Never Ending Cycle
The American dream is something every American would like to believe in. We are taught that everyone has equal opportunity to everything we may need to live. But is that true? If everything is so equal, how are there still so many people that... (more »)
Enjoy the Miracle
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Everyone gets a miracle. A miracle is described as a surprising event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. Now, I don’t think any “divine agency”... (more »)
Harry Potter
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Is Harry Potter about starting an occult, or just a harmless children’s book? The Harry Potter controversy has not died down. Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling is a fictional book that is not about inspiring children to become involved in the... (more »)
The Idiocy of Gun Control
The United States’ current gun policy is constantly bombarded by liberals and pro-gun control political figures who suggest that it is crucial for the United States to change should be made. This is unreasonable; guns are used all over... (more »)
Self Defense or Murder?
By , Philadelphia, PA
Gun control has become a major topic for many people in the United States. It has brought up many unsolved problems about whether or not owning a gun should be allowed. According to the Second Amendment, "A well regulated Militia, being... (more »)
The Bloodshed Caused by Guns
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Guns...One of the most powerful weapons in the world that can take a person’s life in an instant. Without gun-control laws set in place, more and more innocent people will lose their lives.Many people are dying everyday because of gun... (more »)
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We are writers, artists, inventors, masterminds. We are all so different in the way we think deep thoughts. The way we create new worlds we become gods over the stroke of a pen or the push of a key. We are so different and yet we all share the... (more »)
Bigger Isn't Better
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My dad randomly decided to ask me if all my friends were still close this year. My automatic response was "yeah, of course." But when I think about it, so much has changed. Two of the girls I thought were attached at the hip rarely... (more »)
Proud to be an American
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“What is it like to be an American?” foreigners ask me. And there are several ways to explain it. The United States is not perfect. We have our issues in government, and we don’t share the same beliefs. We argue about... (more »)
The Young and the Homeless
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Every day is dedicated to finding the next meal and making ends meet. They do whatever they can to get it, and if they can’t, they starve that day. Getting a job is not an option. Why? Because they aren’t old enough. When people... (more »)
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