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What Has Been Forgotten
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Can’t you remember the earth, the warm, human, brown life. Can’t you remember, no not the intelligence, not even the wit, the rawness. Can’t you remember the nights where you didn’t have to act, the nights in the... (more »)
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Every human being is meant to be loved. The truth is, some of us never recive the love we need. I realized this five years ago when I fell in love with the worst person I could have possibly chosen. I realized it eight months ago, when who I was... (more »)
Four Quarters vs. One-Hundred Pennies
By , Pittsfield, IL
When we are younger we are taught there is no such thing as evil. As we grow older we learn that people are not evil, rather their actions are evil. Anne Frank once said “People are truly good at heart.” In middle school you walk... (more »)
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My mom dropped me off at my middle school a few minutes before it opened. As I was getting out of the car, I realized something. “Mom, I forgot my saxophone at home and we have rehearsal today,” I told her. My mom sighed... (more »)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Teenager
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There are roughly 42 million teenagers in the United States. Anyone who is thirteen to nineteen years old is considered a teenager. Almost all of these teenagers are in either Junior High, High School, or even College. There are lots of... (more »)
Escape Through Time
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Through the ages people have expressed their desire to go back in time. Time travelling is one of the basic themes in cinema, literature and drama. This unique way of travelling through time must have originated from the ardent desire to... (more »)
The Past and The Future
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Do you ever wonder what the past was like and what the future holds? Sometimes I love to imagine what the past used to be like. When I think of the past I think of The Titanic. When I think of the past I think  of slavery. I think of... (more »)
Your Story
By , Denver, CO
Are you friends with anyone who says they are very close to you and know everything about them? Most likely, everyone knows that one person. So many people think that by the words “nice to meet you” they automatically know every small detail... (more »)
Those Who Don’t
By , lttelton, CO
Those who don’t remind me of people who don’t like to give anything a shot in life, like sports, school, jobs or even doing a small activity. Those who don’t, don’t get anywhere in life. They end up doing things for... (more »)
Do You Ever
By , Littleton, CO
Do you ever think of what life would be like if we all forgive and forget? Sadly, yes. One big problem; people constantly think in “an eye for an eye” perspective. But, “if it’s an eye for an eye then we all go... (more »)
Set Your Dream Free
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When I was a little girl I loved to dance; ballet, hip hop, jazz, you name it. Anytime there was a beat, I was there, dancing right next to it. My dad would even call me Mumble, Mumble is the name of the penguin who stars in the movie Happy... (more »)
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The world breathes philosophy, knowledge of something profound; as if life needs to have a explanation or purpose.  I've spent so many years of my life sitting on my hill watching life pass me  by. Taking out data, and looking through life as... (more »)
What Separates Hours
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Days seem to drift on seamlessly when you are by yourself. more common than not, you find yourself simply viewing life rather than living it. The same old dragging along that you  have come to know. Perhaps too well. When you are all but a... (more »)
Humans {It}
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{It} It exists, there is no denying it. It is not imagination, or something creative. It is a thing. A trapped soul. A dead corpse. A blackened heart. It has no power. It has to follow us. Us. Filthy. Disgusting. Vile. Morbid. Humans. It... (more »)
It {Humans}
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{Humans}   They don't actually exist, they are only hiding in the depths of someone else's soul, waiting to be swooped anyway in an uncanny discretion. Hiding from their friends and enemies and trying not to make a sound;... (more »)
Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
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Some things in life are not going to be easy, and you are going to have to work for them. In this day and age, everyone wants to have it easy and life to come naturally to them. But in reality that is not how life is. Say you are at... (more »)
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