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discrimination against girls who play softball This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Everyday the male gender is discriminating young girls about playing sports. I honestly don’t understand what they’re problem with girl athletes are. Is it because they’re afraid we might do better than them, that we might... (more »)
Chasing Destiny
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I've been through this before. I have seen enough. Why can't I just move on and do what I like to do? What do I love and enjoy? hmm... that's A very tricky question. Simply because you don't approve my status or belief. I... (more »)
I Am Not Objectifying Myself
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Let's get this straight, I am not objectifying myself, and I was never an object to begin with. I  am female. I am all of my double X chromosomes and any identifying features that mark me as "woman". I am all of my body, not an object that is... (more »)
The A Student Mentality This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My friend came into class crying last Friday. I didn't know why, but my asking didn't cease the confusion. She had told me it was because she had failed her AP Biology test. She had a B in the class, and she knew she absolutely failed the... (more »)
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My lacrosse uniform is a very discusting peace of material. Its what you would call rachet and nasty and nobody loves it an it hardly gets washed. But rhen i thought, what if i didnt have it? The loss of something so vial and discusting but yet... (more »)
Why not?
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How many people are on this earth? Roughly 7 billion. Out of all of those people, you only get to see, meet, experience, etc. the smallest of a percentage. Wouldn't you think, you should at least be desent to those very few. You may never notice... (more »)
By , Cumberland, RI
As we stumbled out of bed and trudged over toward the dining hall, we grouped up together like the band of brothers we were. We filed into the kitchen one by one to be greeted by our hung over KM (Kitchen Manager) glaring all of us down, with a... (more »)
When People Assume You Are Something
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When I first moved to elementry school in second grade this one kid (who I later realized was a bully) thought since I wooked like him that I was a bully like him. I realized right away he was not the best person to be friends with. By not being... (more »)
I Believe...
     I believe in many things. I believe in Batman even though my childhood is over. I believe in the films that Harrison Ford stars in but these days it's not so easy. I believe in the words irony, swagger, and dabble, or whatever other odd... (more »)
I Believe
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I Belive that school is important. I belive a sense of humor is important, I belive that no where is more important than home. I belive that home can be anything from a lake with a boat, and a room with a computer. I belive that anyone can be... (more »)
I Believe
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I beleive that schools is important. I believe that a sense of humor is important. No where is more important than home. Home can be anywhere, from a lake and a boat to a room with a computer. I believe that everyone can be good at something as... (more »)
A Year From Now
A year from now life will be different. Driving, school work,and more freedom. Do not let it go to your head. Do not only spend time with your friends. Please do not neglect your family because they will always be there for you. Sure it is more... (more »)
Men Are Dogs
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In today's world, there is a very thin line between cautiousness and what is perceived as misandry. If a woman is attacked by a pit bull, that animal is taken away, or put down, and it is extremely understandable for that woman to... (more »)
Six Small Things
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Im just like every other human being. I am living and breathing the same air as everyone else. But just like evryone else I have My own Opinions when it comes to life. I Have written prevoius articles on life, mostly because its my favorite... (more »)
Forever Friends
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Yes, my heart is broken. But I will move on. I'll love you, forever, and you'll always have that special place inside my heart. But i accept you, no matter who you are. If gay, straight, or bisexual, I'll love you anyway. Best friends forever... (more »)
The Joys of Reading
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Reading is Gratifying: As a young child, we love to hear stories; this affection does not dissipate with age. Stories remain the aboriginal system of entertainment, due to their contrasting plots and events that clasp the reader’s... (more »)
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