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Gay's the New Black
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     There was a time a black man could not pass a white woman on the street, he could not sit next to a white man at a bar, or even order a drink from that bar without persecution. It wasn't because of the Christians, the... (more »)
Gun Right
“BIll, you know what, I’m going to kill you.” “Jim, just wai...” ‘BANG! Oh... my God. I just killed Bill” This murder, which took place in a small town, never found that right killer, they jailed an... (more »)
The Smell of Rain
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The rain has been ever elusive all day. The smell has come and gone. More than one smell actually. The usual after-rain sort of earthy clay-like smell was there, but mixed with others. Like the breezes from between the damp leaves still hiding... (more »)
Am I Myself?
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It would not be a mistake were I to state that many youngsters are attempting to find themselves. It has always been a part of teenage lives - defining who you truly are. For one it might come with an ease, whilst for the others it is highly... (more »)
Same Love
By , Franklin, OH
Famous rapper, Macklemore, produced a song in 2012 speaking out against the hatred of homosexual couples titled Same Love. It accurately describes the struggle that homosexuals are dealing with in today’s society, especially in his last... (more »)
Sea of Society
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No one wanted it for her. They took pity when they saw how broken she was. They tried to pick up the pieces and mend her shattered existence, but nothing worked. Everything that they tried was deemed failure because they just didn't get it. It... (more »)
A Miracle: How A Toddler Made His Grandmother...
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Being young was the most backbreaking time of my life. I couldn’t talk; I had autism. Every single day began with unsuspected temper-tantrums and other problematic troubles. I was a slim, inquisitive individual. I enjoyed using my senses to... (more »)
It's Never Over
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‘It’s over’ is a phrase that means some event or part in our lives has come to an end. Most of the time, we will experience this phrase and become met with sadness at what we have lost. Some of us, however, may experience it when certain... (more »)
The Underrated Art Form
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 I don’t think I could type “Video games are an art form” without half of the world rolling their eyes and the other half dismissing me entirely. To say that videogames are on the same level as music, painting, film,... (more »)
Surface Level
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Sometimes I wonder if i am actually seeing things for what they are. We fail to realize that what we see is not what we get. Our eyes are trained to look at things a certain way. For example... If I were to hold up an apple, what would you see?... (more »)
No Technology, No Life
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Technology is something that everyone has at there fingertips. Is nothing like they had in the past. How we find information by using the technology today has changed the way we work, think and play. Today in schools across the world we access... (more »)
A Helping Hand
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“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”       ~Franklin D. Roosevelt During the... (more »)
Our Dreams
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Dreams are goals that we want to achieve! We want to succeed at our dreams. Many people give up on their dreams, but you should never give up because if you give up now you won’t know the future. You need to take the right path where you... (more »)
Failure and Self-Improvement
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Although failure may seem like a horrible incident, the fact of the matter is that failure or rejection is part of a continuing process of self improvement. One should not fear failure and avoid risks or allow the fear to overwhelm and... (more »)
The Meaning of Life
Every person goes through a cycle of life. Some people have short lives, others have long ones. But they all have one thing in common: living with a purpose. No one lives without contributing anything. There aren’t people who just go on the... (more »)
The Significantly Over-Arching Realm of...
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I asked a student in eighth grade to "define 'time'" in one word.   "Confusing."   "How do you figure that?"   "Because when you think about it, time is always passing.  You can't say 'right now' and be correct---[moments] are... (more »)
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