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Game Over.
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Game over. You know that feeling when you finish a game and you're super happy and enthusiastic at first, but then you realize how you’re never going to get to play that game again and it just makes you sad? That’s how I feel now. I fell... (more »)
I'll miss you! (sniffs)
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Who said you are separated from each other? Couple,siblings,friends,relatives scattered like grains all over the globe,who said you are separated from each other? Just look up to the skies above and you will see that we are united by one sky.... (more »)
Inevitable Expectations
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Life. It's inevitable if you're reading this. The simplicity of a heartbeat with blood running through the veins of the human body, is complicated with expectations. It's pretty easy you see. The only obligation of a human is to... (more »)
That day I'll win the game
One day I was asked a question,"Which place would you like to visit on Earth?".This may seem like a simple question, though, it's not.I took time and went deep into this question.And at last I came out with a smart answer. On... (more »)
The Little Things
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Exhausted. Dehydrated. Hot. So much running was horrid and taxing, especially in the hot summer sun. I was panting like a dog, trying to catch my breath. The air was humid, like a smothering, scratchy blanket. I gulped down the sweet relief from... (more »)
Not of This World
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How many of you have ever felt like you are not worth others time or consideration? Who all has felt like someone else could easily replace you - that you are not as unique and or as special as someone else? Everyone has felt this way before.... (more »)
Do It And You're Cool. Maybe.
By , Wilton, CT
All my friends are racing to grow up. It’s like a contest. Who’s going to smoke the first joint? Get into the best college? Lose her virginity fastest? Now that we’ve turned seventeen, my friends are starting to feel like their youth is... (more »)
The Internet: A New Drug
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Cocaine kills about 10,000 people a year per year. Almost 50,000 people die from alcohol poisoning. 400,000 people are subjects of tobacco death. However, out of the one billion internet users, how many are actually killed? Probably none. The... (more »)
Social Networks: Advantages and Disadvantages
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There are many different opinions to social networks. Some think it is stupid to share every single thought with the world even if it is very unnecessary, some think that it is the best way to tell your friends what you are doing or to see what... (more »)
I Can Lift A Car
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When I was thirteen years old I realized something monumentally important for me, and something that has always defined me subconsciously. In my room, I typed away at my computer as a tear dripped ever-so-slowly down my cheek, and another one... (more »)
Background Doesn't Matter
Once she lived a life of slave, kidnapped by her own family and was sold into slavery.This is the incredible story of Phillis Wheatley. She was born in Africa, one of the Fula tribe Africans.She was one of the captured Africans who were bought... (more »)
Friends, A True Miracle
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One thing I have found to be the most important in a person's life is friendship. People who care about you, who are always there to support you and with whom you can roll on the floor laughing, they are your inseparable companions, the... (more »)
World Ignorance
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Sometimes, I wonder if the world just insane. Sometimes I wonder if people are just dumb. I mean no offense to anyone who reads this. I hate that no matter what happens there is always corruption in this world in our lives. I hate how everything... (more »)
Never Too Big
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Some people say having big dreams for the future is just for fools. They say we shouldn't have these big dreams because they will never come true and we will always end up in reality where nothing seems to be in our favor. But I say they are... (more »)
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Born to Survive This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The mongoose has nothing to do with the goose. Its name comes from the Anglicized version of its Marathi name, mungus. Its plural, therefore, is not mongeese, nor mungoose, but simply mongooses. Its name mirrors its form, the long, double-O sound... (more »)
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Living. That is all. Close your mind to the rest of the world. Survive. Be strong. Close your eyes and fall. Trust me. I'm young. A naive little heart. Let me show you around. A few moments before we part. There's a man on the street,... (more »)
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