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Violence in Chicago
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A thirteen year old boy has been reportedly shot and killed. The person who killed him was only fifteen years old and had to kill him. He killed the boy because of a gang initiation. The young boy was doing nothing but being in the wrong place... (more »)
Unknown Wealth
By , Gilbert, AZ
The dictionary definition for wealth is an abundance of valuable possessions or money. Most people would agree that they hope to wealthy, because let's face it who doesn’t like money? Though an accumulation of money leads to problems... (more »)
Videogames: Violent or Beneficial? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Let’s face it; video games have been a staple in the American culture for decades. Each and every videogame is diverse, which is what gives them the ability to be enjoyed by many. They can be 2D or 3D, simple or strategic. And let’s... (more »)
Sexual Harassment in India
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Sexual harassment is an act upon a person, usually female, in a workplace or social situation, which is involved in the making of unwanted sexual advantage from another person. In India, sexual harassment is a big deal, due to its abundance and... (more »)
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This picture is of me in early kindergarten.  When I look at it, I am flooded with so many different emotions and tons of nostalgia.  When I went to elementary school, while I was there, I was always so focused on when I would make it... (more »)
What Is Courage?
By , Coto de Caza, CA
The root of the word courage comes from the latin word “cor”, meaning heart. In its earliest connotation the word courage meant something much different than most people would consider courage to be today. The original definition... (more »)
Society Wears Masks
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Society wears masks. Everyday we are hiding ourselves from the outside world, never showing our true selves. We think it is better to hide our struggles from others and block people out of our lives. We think it it better to let people see our... (more »)
Dear Vogue India, Please Take Kendall Jenner...
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Kendall Jenner doesn't represent Indian values, fashion, culture, or beauty. She is a fair skinned, American girl who has never even been to India. Young, Indian girls (like myself) are always told to stay out of the sun and use skin... (more »)
Nobody Stopped Him
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As of late, it is more than safe to say that the world is in chaos. Syrian refugees are in danger, the US has modern-day nazis, in addition to major social issues, and of course terrorism.  The most crucial figure in the midst of all this... (more »)
Visions of a Perfect World
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As we look around at our world, we are able to see the imperfections and the things that we wish to change. Some of these problems that we do have are racism, terrorism, inequality in general and others depending on the area you live in. One of... (more »)
Be Different...But in the Same Way
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Fifth period rolls around and I can finally let out a sigh of relief.  After a long day of strenuous class work, my schedule now allows me to relax and paint.  I always look forward to art class because it is a comfortable place for... (more »)
Effective Nonviolent Resistance
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When people have a fundamental issue, giving up is not an option. For these types of conflicts when people's rights are violated, their countries are occupied and they are oppressed and humiliated they need a powerful way to resist and fight... (more »)
Negative Effects of Being Negative
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Many people tend to radiate negativity all the time. Whether they are negative about politics, their job, their debt, or anything else most people have a hard time seeing the silver lining in situations. Instead of always being negative, people... (more »)
A Letter to Gemini This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I met the girl who uses your locker now. I forgot it was yours for just a split second, until I saw the dot in the top left hand corner of the door, where you marked it with sharpie to remember that it was yours after you kept walking up and... (more »)
YouTube: Queerbaiting in Social Media
By , Maywood, NJ
Oh YouTube. The true beginning of my exposure to social media. I spent a good amount of 2011 watching song parodies, vlogs, and skit content and I have been hooked ever since. I am certainly not the only one. Ever since its activation in... (more »)
Recipe for Self Confidence
By , Kenner, LA
Ingredients: One smile Two teaspoons of pride in who you are ½ a cup of determination 1 ½ cups of confidence 1 cup of happiness Lots of love for yourself   Directions: Find a large bowl to mix all ingredients for self... (more »)
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