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All Hail the Invisibles
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Everyone is born with talents. Some you just know you have from the start And others you might discover and cultivate some years down the road… But you always have them. Some talents are obvious to onlookers - wizzy footwork on the... (more »)
What Makes the Difference?
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Everyone has a dream in life.I want to be this....and that...Good,but many people have died with their dreams.The world is being deprived of amusing talents.Someone somewhere with a wonderful talent....but the person is waiting for help to... (more »)
The Meaning of Life
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So I’m assuming you picked up this book…okay are reading this article, with the expectation of by the end, understanding the meaning of life. By meaning of life, I mean my version of it, as well as yours if you choose to follow in my beliefs,... (more »)
Helping Hands
It was an ordinary week day; I woke up and dragged my feet while getting ready for school. As I got off the bus I met with my friends as we talked about our daily gossip. The bell abruptly interfered our conversation. I walked towards my first... (more »)
A Foul On The R**skins
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Let me get my biases out of the way. Yes, I live twenty minutes from D.C. but no, I hate the Redskins. Yes ... I said, hate. Why? They have so much fan loyalty and how do they finish each season: More Losses than Wins. I blame the management on... (more »)
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Perfect is Only a Word
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We all believe that we're judged by the things that other people never notice, but as individuals we all notice the certain imperfections that others never seem to notice. Like the way we speak, the way we dress or the way that we think.... (more »)
Someone Is Crying
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12:45 pm, California I’m Alyssa, a 16 year old girl who loves chocolate, music and shopping. It’s quite hot in California today and I am here shopping in Forever21 with my friends. I spot a lacy floral print dress and hold it up so that my... (more »)
Calling All Disillusioned Teens
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In the act of living we must accept certain things to be true: our Foundations of Reality - the way things are supposed to be. We get up each morning and believe that the sun will rise. We have faith that gravity will still be functional. We... (more »)
This I Believe
I Dream of the Day… I believe that everyone should be treated equal. Everyone should be able to marry whomever they want and they should not be denied jobs or services. They should be able to fall in love with someone of the same gender,... (more »)
Feeling Like You Are Valuable
By , Tampa, FL
Everyday certain people are feeling down or feel like low esteem is all they have. Most of the time we tend to slug around so much negativity because we feel like we are not here to accomplish anything. Tired of waking up in the night tossing... (more »)
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Abuse. We’ve all heard the word. We’ve all seen the word. We’ve all seen the word acted out, as well. But do we really know what it is, and what it means? Abuse is when you treat a person(or animal) with cruelty and violence, especially... (more »)
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Social Media or Social Massacre?
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To the teens who are struggling with making the right decisions in life but are dying to fit in, to the ones who feel inadequate - not because their walk with God has come to a stop but because their Instagram likes have, to the young adults... (more »)
This Is My Body
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In most places, the temperature is starting to climb, and that means shorts, shorter shorts, tank-tops, bandeaus, and bralettes for many lovely ladies. For me, however, summer means judgement. Judgement that should not be happening, ever, no... (more »)
We're Only Human
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Some questions demand answers. Others, well, they prefer to lurk in the background and haunt the world for a while. They’re always there, concealed by the cover of more pressing matters, but they’re there nonetheless. Humanity also has a knack... (more »)
Patriotism. What it should mean to everyone
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Patriotism by definition is the love that people feel for their country. The love that makes them proudly hang flags from their porch steps, bestowing the world their true infatuation with their country. It is the love that makes them proud to... (more »)
Happiness is not a gay or straight issue. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Somehow it's all a little clearer now without the rose colored glasses of societal acceptance. It's true; we all don't fit together like puzzle pieces or stacking blocks. We all aren't meant to get along, fall in love and make... (more »)
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