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My Baby: Levi
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Imagine a baby boy with bright blue eyes and creamy white skin. Imagine how that little baby boy’s cry sounds. How his laugh sounds. Got it? Now connect that image of that little, fragile baby boy with the name Levi. “Joined in... (more »)
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They tell you things which they are smashing you, they try to break you down. Treating you as a foolish intrudes in their world , your own thoughts don't fit them . Also , there are some words can be heard the most as long as you... (more »)
Why Should High School Students Receive...
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Why should high- school students should receive life-training skills, and learn real life experiences? In our society, student get taught mathematics, science, history, and english as a requirement. Many kids ask themselves why they have to... (more »)
Seventeen Years Old
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In the article,"Seventeen Years Old" it starts off with the author explaining all things people are telling her about boys. As she continues with her story, she explains these codes that girls go by. For example, if a boy is mean to... (more »)
The Development of Artificial Intelligence
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As technology progresses, sooner or later humanity will face the decision to either create A.I. or not. If we were able to create a computer level to the human mind otherwise known as A.G.I. (Artificial General Intelligence) and let it adapt its... (more »)
The Importance of Making Yourself a Priority
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Let me begin this with a little anecdote. Four Saturdays ago, I wrote the SAT and I was exhausted. The reading section was incredibly tough and draining, and the pressure of studying for two weeks was insane, and didn’t seem to look like it... (more »)
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There was an article was actually very helpful to me. It makes me look at the struggles that I have had make me stronger and even just who I am. Not even just the struggles in school but in life too. The saying “What doesn’t kill you makes... (more »)
Who Am I? A Social Problem.
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I don’t know if I’ll ever fit in. I’m half Mexican, half white. In a group of my friends, I clearly stand out. My almost black eyes, dark brown hair and olive skin greatly contrasts from their light hair, lighter... (more »)
The Gun-Control Debate: Public Safety vs. Civil...
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On a quiet Sunday morning in November 2017, a gunman entered First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and opened fire into the unsuspecting congregation. The small church in the small town of less than 700 citizens lost 26 individuals... (more »)
It's Better We Don't Know Each Other
By , Bloomfield Hills, MI
Isn’t it funny how much we pretend to know about people? I can’t possibly be the only one to imagine the lives of strangers while waiting in line at the grocery store. But it’s rather terrifying to think about how much we... (more »)
Standing with the Lone Star State
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I am not religious. I haven’t believed in religion since I was 11 years old, but I still find myself praying on occasion. When I honestly cannot think of how to solve a problem, praying will lead me to the answer. I am not religious, but... (more »)
Why? (A Tribute To 9/11
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15 years ago today, four passenger airliners were hijacked by terrorists. Two of them were crashed into the North and South Towers of the World Trade Centre, New York City, respectively. The third crashed into the Pentagon (the headquarters of... (more »)
Saying "Me Too"
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Saying “me too” was my choice, and if sexual abuse has happened to you. It’s your choice too. It’s not an attack. It's a fact. A fact of what has now become a new chapter in my life. A fact that isn’t yours to... (more »)
Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?
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Try to define beauty. It is possible to find hundreds of meanings for the word beauty. The first definition in Merriam-Webster's’ Learner's Dictionary is “the quality of being physically attractive”. Here is where it... (more »)
A Response to "What Music Helps"
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Hi! My name is Morgan and I have Autism. This makes it awfully difficult for me to make new friends and I just can't control my anger. My music has helped me be a better person. Whether it's a movie soundtrack or children's music or even country... (more »)
What's Your Action?
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“Authentic patriotism is not about you, what you believe or what you think is right...Authentic patriotism is not an opinion, it is an action..”-Stephen Kiernan. Authentic patriotism, waking up every morning flying your flag with... (more »)
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