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"Holy" World
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Dear Oblivion, My name is Emily Grace Waters, and I am almost seventeen years old. My father is an alcoholic, and my mother smokes weed. I am a junior at Culver Creek High School and I have made all As and Bs until this year. I also... (more »)
Techno “logic”
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 I’ve always wondered, “Do people ever really appreciate the things around them? Do they ever even just observe the things around them? Do they ever stop gazing at their technological devices or glare at those who interrupt... (more »)
The 12 People
The 12 People Greetings. You are currently reading this, which leads me into believing you are interested in what is written on these pages, and I am going to act like You really are. I am going to talk about emotions in a theory I've had in... (more »)
Just Thoughts
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It’s ridiculous, I’ll say that much.   As humans and people and individuals in society, we’ve begun to revolved around ourselves and fight for places that don’t even matter. Who cuts the most? Who tried to... (more »)
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Hatred, no matter how hard you, or I, or anyone else for that matter try, can never be destroyed. It is as essential a part of life as anything else like eating, or thinking, or sleeping is. It is an inseparable part of human nature just like... (more »)
I.Can’t.Escape. I.Can’t.Escape. I.Can’t.Escape. They haunt me, they torture me, they reach out to me. I want to forget them and move on, but how? Reaching out, flooding my thoughts. All I have is memories of darkness. When I close my eyes,... (more »)
Batman and Robbing: A Case on Vigilante Justice
Many people agree with the opinion that vigilante justice is an alternative to regular justice, since most people fancy revenge or punishment of criminals, and feel that legal justice is flawed. It’s impossible for this to happen, since... (more »)
Who Am I?
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“Who am I?”, is the question I ask myself. Am I what my friends think I am, or what my parents think I am or what any other random person thinks I am? Nah! I am Me! And therefore, it is me to know who I am and not anybody else to make any... (more »)
Justice Essay
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Even today, Race plays a major part in deciding the outcome of a court trial such as stating that a african american is guilty or a white person innocent. George Zimmerman did not have the right to kill Treyvon Martin in “self... (more »)
A World Without Disabilities
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My friend Jessica lives in Baltimore, Maryland. We met on on a summer program and don’t see each other much, but we try to facetime once or twice a week to catch up. We became friends the first time that we roomed together, one week into... (more »)
Mysterious Evolution of the Infinite
By , Omaha, NE
The wind gust whips you from side to side as I float among the land. Placed at the narrow bumpy apex of the periwinkle rocks of the mountain over looking a distance as vast as the Atlantic Ocean. From my view I have the radial advantage to... (more »)
Fly Free, My Friend
By , Silver City, NM
Death has always been a hard concept for me to comprehend. I always had trouble accepting and believing in the permanence of this state where life has left somebody entirely. I never believed when my parents told me that somebody who has died... (more »)
Justice for the Animals
By , Frisco, TX
 Animals are undoubtedly found everywhere, as household pets, in zoos, or roaming freely outside, but one would not instinctively place them in research facilities. The side of animal treatment generally publicized to the rest of the world... (more »)
Gun Rights
By , Frisco, TX
How do you protect your loved ones and yourself? Do you trust who people tell you to, or do you want the assurance of being able to defend yourself? One of the ways people are able to guard themselves is by owning a gun. People have used guns... (more »)
Equal Pay for Equal Work: The Truth
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Yes, Wage discrimination is still real. A person would think that at this time in America, women would be treated as equal individuals to men socially and economically. American women who work full-time, year-round are only paid 78 cents for... (more »)
Gay Marriage
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Gay rights is an immense issue for people in these times. But is it really that difficult to decide? For starters, speaking in terms of America, the U.S government shouldn’t have religion in it, like it does now, and that may be the... (more »)
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