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A Letter to My Future Daughter
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You are beautiful, but you are more than that too. A girl’s greatest asset is not her beauty; remember that, darling. You hold infinities inside of you, are more intelligent that you could ever imagine, contain a gorgeously overwhelming... (more »)
Silent America This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It’s a quiet day in Smalltown, America. The only sound perturbing the steady, dimmed hum of suburban life is the chirp of the crickets. Oaks line the paved roads. Little cars with small families pass by the rows of doppelganger houses.... (more »)
Rules to Succeed in Life
By , Woodbridge, VA
On a day-to-day basis how much do we fail in life? Too much in-fact. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had something to help along. Maybe perchance, “a set of rules” that would help us fail a little less in life. So that we... (more »)
What They Didn't Teach Me in School
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In fifth grade, we mapped our family history; making and crafting a list of each person who comes to Christmas dinner. No one ever taught me how to grieve when my family was gone. I can recite twelve different forms of cancer and their treatment... (more »)
One Nation, Under the Gun
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It’s near daybreak. A man walks out of his doorway. Walks steadily down to his garage. Takes out his car. Opens the trunk. Loads a gun. Drives through the country into the town. Past several small shops. Parks on the side of a road. Opens... (more »)
Philosophy of Life
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Philosophy of life, being anything that deals with knowledge or a concept, but how do we interpret the simple Philosophy of life. What is the pure concept of the human life, is it the need to succeed in a society based on self beliefs and... (more »)
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Is it important to leave a legacy? Well, in order to answer this question you have to know what a legacy is. A legacy is anything handed down from the past. This could be an heirloom, a legend, or history; something to be remembered by. The... (more »)
Combating the War on Terror the Right Way
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Ever since the September 11 attacks which shattered the nation, the war on terror has been a major undertaking by American leaders. On the forefront, the rationale behind the war on terror seems feasible. After all, avenging the lives of those... (more »)
Beauty Elegance Allure Undeniably Tremendously You
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Have you looked in the mirror lately? What do you see? Beauty? Or do you see something that needs fixed? Self-image, and self-esteem are two things that nearly every teenage girl struggles with at some point in their life. I would argue that it... (more »)
Martin Luther King Jr.
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 Now, I wouldn’t want to sound like a cliche beauty pageant contestant, but world peace, is single handedly the greatest challenge the world faces every day.  Unfortunately, detrimental events constantly put several nations on the brink of... (more »)
Closed Minds
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Yes. We are teenagers. Most, attached to our phones. But this little piece of our lives isn’t all we own. Nor is it all we care about, or does it hold all we know. We aren’t all the problems this world has in whole. We don’t cause the wars... (more »)
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It’s important to forgive other people, because you would want them to forgive you too. If you did something that you didn’t mean and apologized for what you did, then you wouldn’t want that person  to still be mad at... (more »)
What Is Happiness?
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people may think it's a lottery win, a new dress brand new car but have you ever thought about what the actual word of happiness may mean to some people. The definition of happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is... (more »)
Not All Men, Yes All Women
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Not all men, yes all women is a statement that was created after a man named Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured 14 more. He was a virgin at 22 and angry at the world. His plan was to punish woman for rejecting him and to punish... (more »)
More Gun Control?
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We have all heard about it. We have all probably heard both sides of the issue. America is afraid of guns. There is a real problem at hand, but more gun control laws are not the solution. The battle for more gun control laws isn’t worth... (more »)
Nothing Else Matters
By , clarkston, MI
Staying Strong We all hear about the aftermath of violence in the world and often wonder how another human could carry out such atrocity against another person. When it happens close to home, especially in the family unit, reality sets... (more »)
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