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Why Do We Obsess Over The Lipstick Shade Worn...
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Are we more than what we look like? While the answer may be a definite yes for someone like me or you, those in the limelight may beg to differ. Celebrities are constantly judged for what and who they are wearing even more so, one could say,... (more »)
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I stand on the beach with my board in my hand. I observe the surf and all the conditions that make up this gift from god: waves. I watch as a surfer drops in on a clean, crisp wave and before you know it he gets spit out of the misty,... (more »)
I Shouldn't Have to Write This This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I shouldn’t have to write this.  I shouldn’t have to express my outrage and my grief and that unshakable sickness in my gut that only gets worse every time I open my Facebook and see a video of a Black individual being manhandled and shot... (more »)
Tomorrow's History Books This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Next time you go flipping through your history textbook, take note of a few things-- notice the patterns, the way each chapter or time period is set up.  Often the books are broken down by decades, usually including things like wars,... (more »)
The Truth About Reading
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I was sitting at my desk, looking at a pile of books, with an open journal in my hands. I started thinking about what I had learned from those books. That is when this thought popped into my head:   A true reader is not defined by... (more »)
By , Benton harbour, Australia
Entitlement – is another word for suffering. The dictionary won’t describe it as this but the two – suffering and entitlement – come hand in hand. Someone has to feel done wrong by to feel entitled. Like, the world has... (more »)
Reading Is Optional...but Is It?
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Summer Reading Program 2016 for Teens! This year, we’ve decided to do things a bit differently. Now, you can enjoy participating in the Teen Summer Reading Program without reading, unless you want to! No, this is not a line picked up from... (more »)
On Being Human
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Its very surprising  to see people taking their daily lives so seriously. thinking about such things at this age is too heavy. I see people running toward a goal that ends nowhere. I see people struggling to earn bread that they never had.  I... (more »)
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When one mentions the phrase “necessary for thought”, a word that frequently enters the minds of most individuals is “consciousness”. While consciousness provides a suitable environment for consistent reflection and rational mental... (more »)
Age and the Elderly
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Do you think age is important? In my opinion it defnitely isn't. In fact it makes me sad to see how new and older generations are growing apart in every day life. Older people are often forgotton. They were different things anad listen to... (more »)
The Promise Land
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“12 are shot dead in Aurora movie theater shooting.” 7/20/12 “28 are killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.” 12/14/12 “14 dead, 22 wounded in San Bernardino gunfire.” 12/2/15 “50 fatalities in Orlando nightclub... (more »)
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Sikhism is not only following the five K’s or reading the Guru Granth Sahib Ji; it’s about being a good person in general by helping others regardless of religion and trying to be the best you that you can be. In Brampton, the number of... (more »)
The Philosophy of Hate
Have you ever hated a person before?  Have you ever had a powerful anger for someone or something, in a way that could never be explained?  Don’t say “Never” because you would be lying to me, to everyone, and to... (more »)
True Life
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There is no happy ending in true life. You live and then you die right? But that is not how it works. When living true life you have your first word, first test, first kiss, first boyfriend, first child, firsts for just about everything. But... (more »)
Stolen Innocence
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It's funny how it works, were told to grow up, yet be a kid. We move along not realizing what were missing out on. Elementary school comes and goes now your in middle school, your expected to be kids but learn responsibility, there goes four... (more »)
Being Yourself
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People don't know much about being themselves, and usually when they are themselves, people make fun of them about it. Why? Why do people have to hide to be better? Why do people have to make others hate themselves? Why do people have to be so... (more »)
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