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Stereotypes Fashion
Throughout time, fashions stereotypes have been created, each having their own name. By looking at someone’s clothings, instantly a word pops into your head. This is called fashion stereotypes. Some examples of stereotypes fashion are emo,... (more »)
Dear My Demons
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Dear My Demons, There are so many things I wish to say to you because you have done nothing but push me down. I had fallen so hard that I felt like I couldn't get up and you just pushed and pushed harder and harder. You shattered my... (more »)
Two Words, Two Meanings, One Goal
By , Amery, WI
“Good enough”, what you put in front of it changes its meaning.  You could live in the highest tower in the tallest kingdom and still never be “good enough” for someone.   You could live in a shack where... (more »)
Leting Go
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I woke up this morning not know tragedy had struck. I woke up to a text from my mom simply saying “Come here”. I didn’t think much of it because normally since she does that alot when ever she needs something but when I walked down stairs... (more »)
Zayn Brought the Pain
Recent news in the ‘pop boy-band’ world, a popular group called One Direction has lost a member. That’s right, Zayn Malik has left One Direction. Various tweets and Instagram posts have been thrown out to the fanbase and has... (more »)
Why Isn't Soccer a Popular Sport in America?
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Soccer isn’t a popular sport in America because The wrong people watch it. You’d be surprised that soccer is a pretty big sport in America. The only reason people say that soccer is a bad sport is because it’s always the people that... (more »)
Making Mistakes
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Everybody makes mistakes in this world; it is a fact of life. Somewhere along the line, everybody is going to make a bad decision or do something they knew they should not have. Some people make the same mistake two or three times before they... (more »)
Arranged Disaster
Arranged marriages are marriages where the bride and groom are selected by someone else, rather than by each other. The percentage of marriages in the world that are arranged is 55%, according to statistics (Arranged / Forced Marriage... (more »)
Cut Them Off
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Guns kill people. This statement carries so much distress in the modern world, and yet the United States Government continues to allow such mindless, killing machines to parade across our land and refuses to take away one of our basic rights as... (more »)
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There are so many opportunities for students in schools but almost none for aspiring writers. There are only a few classes like “creative writing” but none for students interested in the world of Journalism.  There are many benefits for... (more »)
The Insufficiency of being a Human
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The way things carve out in life is surely mocking to the things we always expect. I am not complaining , I am not whining , I just want to highlight the beauty of being a human. Humans are capable of making magic , they are capable of finding... (more »)
An Open Letter to Parents Who Let iPhones Raise...
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Dear Parents Whose Children Own iPhones, On behalf of teenagers working to get that new iPhone, I just wanted to let you know that you have revolutionized the meaning of childhood memories.  Thanks to your very generous gifts to... (more »)
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Fear… What really is fear?... some people say fear is just something in your head, psychological and that fear is fear its self… Some say fear is everything and that it dominates your life… Some even say fear is caused by... (more »)
Hopes and Dreams Fading
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   When every girl or boy i young they want to be famous. Either as an actor or a dancer, sometimes even as small as a fireman everyone knows. We look up at the sstars at night and try to find a shotting star to make this crazy dream too. Now,... (more »)
The Effect of Educational Technology in the...
Thomas Friedman writes, “‘It is clear that the U.S. and other rich nations will have to transform their educational systems so as to produce workers for the jobs that will actually exist in their societies … In the future,... (more »)
The Pretty Girl
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It was a rainy morning, I woke up late-my alarm clock suddenly decided to not wake me up today- and I rushed to the bathroom. I did not look at my face in the bathroom mirror because it disgusted me, not a delightful statement, huh? I had not... (more »)
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