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Texting Death
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In 2011, about 1.3 million car crashes occurred due to texting while driving. As a result, 3,360 people died and 337,000 people were injured. In fact, texting makes a car accident 23 times more likely to happen. The devastating consequences... (more »)
Got Debt?
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Money, money, money; it’s what makes the world go round. Those with money have power. Those without . . . a lack thereof. And what comes with the constant flow of money in our world? Debts, debts, debts.   Today, the total US consumer... (more »)
Why Can't I Have My Say
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I have a lot to say, but unfortunately I can’t because of a number I was branded with my, age. The youth of Australia, The future mother, fathers, CEO’s, military and even leaders of our nation. Ask any one of them and they will... (more »)
The Story of My Life This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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When people meet me for the first time, the question I am always asked—besides the ever-so-condescending, “How tall are you?”—is, “Are you, like, Indian, or something?” Well, okay, they don’t sound that... (more »)
Learning to Live Without Knowledge
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When you’re in high school the one thing you hear from the second you set foot on the campus as a freshman is, “Let’s talk about college.” There’s no simple way to ease into it, and there’s no way around it,... (more »)
Is It Worth It?
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It seems like, when you’re young, you have a billion years of living to do. It seems like life is so long and death is so distant and you’re invincible. But as you get older that feeling fades away and suddenly you feel like a fool... (more »)
US Signature on Iran Deal a Moral Depravity
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On July 14, 2015, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, and Germany—the so-called P5+1—signed a nuclear deal with Iran. Known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA, President Obama stated that the... (more »)
The Mind Is Not a Vessel to be Filled, but a...
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I wonder if you’ve heard of the phrases“, You have to by heart all of the notes, or you’re going to fail,” or,” Nope, you have no other option but to mug it all up, if you want to pass.” Well, of course you... (more »)
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Either Lazy or Invincible or Both
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If you really think about it, most things in life that are of human invention are made to support human laziness or to get one step closer to human invincibility. Let’s go through the average day of a human being. So first you wake up probably... (more »)
Missing the Love
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. ...Not being good enough for my parents it hurts me the most.Every my prosecure is just not good I can have straight A's in the school get into the best college in coutry but they will just not care about that,and it's okay I get used to it... (more »)
Normal Is
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Normal is working a job to pay for a school that will help you get a job you don't quite like to pay for a house you'll never quite own so that you can leave it vacant for most of the day while working.   Normal is finally spending some... (more »)
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I find that most of my inspiration doesn't come from my happy times. Usually, my most driving stories are when I feel something I need to get out. The agony and pain. The hurt and anguish. Despair. Fear. Misery. These are the... (more »)
A Letter to the Weird Kids...
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“You’re weird.” Hi there! The name’s FLASH. I know right- weird. I am taking a few moments of my life time to speak out for the weird kids. Have you ever been called weird? Why? Well, I don’t know! Look at me! I have been called weird... (more »)
Why We Should Write (Part 2)
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Writing gives life its meaning. Writing lets humans be together, and all the different personas and real characters in this world are one, and connecting with each other through the one thing they have in common- which is life. The hard times,... (more »)
Life's Little Exchanges
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Life is full of so many challenges that face us so blatantly. That jump out at you and scare you into living in fear of everything around you. Life comes in the series of any emotion and sometimes some stick with us more than other; depression,... (more »)
We Are Girl Gamers, Not Gamer Girls
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Gamer Girls- They can often be seen playing Call of Duty talking about how much of a "nerd" they are, taking s***ty pictures of themselves while holding a controller, and just generally being attention w****s- Urban Dictionary.... (more »)
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