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These plastered smiles fill the dim halls, people thrown to the walls, beat till they fall to the ground, they still don't make a sound. So every cry is pushed to the back of their minds only to escape when no one's around. Everybody... (more »)
Little Old Me
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High school is supposed to be some of the greatest years of your life, yet it’s not; at least not for me originally. The high school I currently attend is completely different from my grammar school. My seventh grade class had about 15 kids who... (more »)
What Love Means
By , Broomfield, CO
I'm bi. There. I said it. Deal with it. Who are you or who is anybody to say I can't marry who I love? It's called love. My girlfriend broke up with me. hat part of my life is called a broken heart. i just wanted to know why I... (more »)
Heres to the Guys
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Here's to the guys. Here's to the guys who never complain, even though they know they'll never be heard if they don't. To the guys who sit idly by and watch the world feel sorry for the girls and how much pressure they have... (more »)
Helping a Stranger
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I have been sitting here for hours watching a young man, no more than thirty, eat drink his coffee. I realize I've never seen such sadness inside a persons eyes before. Such an emptiness that I could never imagine where it came from. He in a... (more »)
Gold Cup Final
It was the great Gold Cup Final. It was a classic soccer game in a final. USA vs. Mexico were face to face, both were decided to won and take the Gold Cup home. Finally all my family and some friends that live in my neighborhood we were... (more »)
What is Respect?
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What is the actual definition of respect? Being nice? Picking someone up when they fall? Respect is something that i believe makes a person who they are. Without respect this world would be full of chaos and mischeive. You can blame respect for... (more »)
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What is the true meaning of happiness? I believe that the true meaning of happiness is when you exspress your true colors to the people around you. When something makes you happy you should not want to leave or let that go no matter what. You also... (more »)
I've Figured It Out
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i get it now. the truth is that nothing matters and that is why everything matters. don't you see? nothing matters unless we make it matter. no person is born with anything that matters. we have to choose what does an doesn't matter. we... (more »)
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Homework: Is it too little or too much? Imagine you're at school and it’s the end of the day and your teacher hands you a packet of homework. When my little brother was in 1st grade he used to get a packet of homework every Monday, so he... (more »)
NYC Law Enforcement Racial Profile
By , Brooklyn, NY
Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that New York City Law Enforcement officers deliver racially biased treatment in their controversial “Stop and Frisk” proceedings. Are their other encounters with civilians marked by similar racial biases?. In... (more »)
Satire: Commercial Featuring a Multitude of...
The most recent Oscar Meyer commercial has had a greater impact than ever imagined, and not in an entirely good way. Millions of Americans are objecting to the commercial, with complaints that it is un-American, and that it violates true American... (more »)
How the Necessity to Fit In Negatively Affects...
By , Guayaquil, Ecuador
“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” (Wallace, Ian) Fitting in, is an issue that goes back a long way. Today, it’s present in the professional, social, familiar, and academic field like a microscopic... (more »)
Drunk Driving
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Stuck here, In this chair. Hey man at least its got wheels. I never get to leave this thing. It sucks, Day after day I sit here, To be honest; Its not even that comfortable. But it’s my fault. I went off the road. I was drunk, I... (more »)
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My Family
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Soccer is really important in my family. Mostly everybody in my family plays or has played soccer. I have played soccer since I was 6 years old. I still remember that day. It was at the YMCA when after one of my first games the coach came up to me... (more »)
Masked by Words
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He turned and stared after her, realising the harsh truth. It wasn't an easy thing to admit, but the truth had finally bitten him and left it's mark: there was no unmasking this villain. Words were what evoked these endless feelings that... (more »)
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