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A Solution To College Debt
As a human race, it is a common understanding that knowledge is valuable. Especially in the United States, a quality education is almost necessary to obtain a decent career. So, why is it that college tuition is so expensive and that the cost... (more »)
You Do What You Want
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I’m living, lovingly lollygagging through lavenders. Life is a path, you choose what road you want to take. Life is a game of chess, you choose what you do with your pawns. You do what you want when you want in your life. There is no limit to... (more »)
Growing up, I never felt like I belonged into the little groups that were made on the very first day of school; on my first day of grade school I remember walking down the hall and seeing little groups of girls and boys that kept to themselves.... (more »)
A Chang for the Better
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Parents, students, and teachers listen up. The time is almost upon us, summer. A time where the hot weather takes over, forcing women to undress. During this time of year women all over America strip down wearing short skirts, flaunting there... (more »)
Don't (Get) Rape(d)
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Don’t (Get) Rape(d)                 It was the kind of day where you could smell the rain in the air. Standing at the bus stop on the edge of the sidewalk having... (more »)
All of Humanity Destined in One Central Cup of Joe
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At the bottom of every cup of coffee, there are misplaced grounds of beans that did not get to live up to their full potential. There are droplets, chunks, and pieces of sugar- some of which are clumped, and some of which are dispersed evenly... (more »)
By , Coral Gables, FL
Tears are usually the beginning of things. Many situations can make you cry either in the beginning or at the end. Like usually thought about it, death, the end of a life but it will eventually get better for the loved ones suffering. For... (more »)
By , Chatsworth, CA
I am not a touchy-feely sort of person. When I am safe from the outside world in my room, sure I giggle and write fanfiction about my favorite couple from the show, Once Upon A Time and melt into a gooey romantic sap. But for me, not being a... (more »)
My Love for You Will Never End
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Forever loving you is what I will do. Forever loving you until the sun sets on my funeral, and even after. You, me and forever. Messages ricochet like wildfire, loving one another like the dreams. Meeting one another face to face throughout our... (more »)
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Perfection is not reality. Beautiful people all around us are attached to the idea of being perfect. I have news for all of you: perfection isn't real. This society now of days is obsessed with the image that the media puts in our minds.... (more »)
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Life isn't always easy. Life isn't always fair. This world is full of disappointment, hatred and lies. None of which help the fact that this world is screwed up and mentally ill. Everyone is mentally ill. Some hide it better then others. Some of... (more »)
Have Humans Become Too Dependent on Technology
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Technology isn't the problem, how we use the technology affects how dependent we are on it. Many people use technology as a way to escape, rather than using it as a tool to help them when needed. Technology can benefit our lives in ways... (more »)
There is a Girl
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There’s a girl who is always smiling like everything is okay. Her smile says everything is good, but it’s a disguise. She’s a fake and a phony. She tells everyone to stay strong, but she can’t. What a hypocrite!... (more »)
Worst Memory
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My name is Maya, I am 16 years old and I come, from a country which is regarded as the  ‘Worlds most dangerous country’, I am from Syria . My country was not always so dangerous , Syria was once  full of diverse ethnic and... (more »)
By a Girl
By , TO, CA
"You got beat by a girl!" one boy says to the other. Hardly ever do they say "You got beat by a boy!" Because boys are tougher than girls, right?  At least that's what they say. That's what they expect me to... (more »)
Civil Disobedience
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Throughout the history of organized civilization, progress has always been made after an act or acts of civil disobedience. The play, Antigone, is a quintessential example of civil disobedience in a literary work. Actual instances of civil... (more »)
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