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Happiness in a Box

May 3, 2018
By Anonymous

I believe in the power of pizza. I believe that a pizza can be one of the best forms of therapy. Speaking from my experience, there is nothing more exciting than seeing the pizza man walk up your front porch. Well, maybe the only thing more exciting is when you open the lid of the pizza box to reveal a steaming hot pizza with melted, stringy cheese. Not only is it delicious, but it also contains all of the food groups: grains, vegetables, dairy, fruit, meat, and oils. Since it has nutritional value, people are able to consume a reasonable serving that satisfies their hunger and their palettes. Not to mention pizza comes in all different shapes and sizes; there is a perfect pizza for everyone, which makes it very powerful. Pizza-lovers can add any toppings they want, or they can just go with plain cheese depending on what they are feeling in the moment.

 Pizza can also be comfort food. Going through breakups, friend drama, exam week, or any other stressful situation can be difficult to trudge through alone. Pizza will never get tired of you because it’s so simple to either make or order a pizza. Even if none of your friends can be there, there is always a pizza man that can show up on your doorstep when you need him. It’s as easy as dialing a phone number, and a fourteen dollar pizza is much cheaper than a therapy session.

 At the end of the day, pizza brings people together. I have never been to a birthday party or a celebration where pizza wasn’t there. I used to play sports, and I vividly remember going out to CiCi’s Pizza every time there was a championship game. For two hours we would work hard, sweat, run, focus, and yell, but after that, we got to reward ourselves with a pizza. Then, when I began to do theatre, my theatre club continued a tradition of going out for pizza the first Friday night of shows. It was something to look forward to after we have given our all for a couple of hours, no matter what activity it was. Over the years I have learned that pizza is more than just a delicious food, but it helps create memories because it is a way to unite everyone together and celebrate good times. I believe in the power of pizza because it is more than just a common entree, but it is pure happiness in a box.

The author's comments:

I love pizza. 

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