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Why Margaret Thatcher Is Incorrect

April 26, 2018
By AbigailEve_22 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
AbigailEve_22 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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It may be irrevocably true that my mother has devoted her entire life - since I was born to be exact - to ensure I’m educated, protected, and loved but alas, she is a female, so how appreciative do I really need to be? The warm, satiating cooked meals my siblings and I arrive home to almost every single day are exactly the type of thing a woman confined to the eternally thriving cult of domesticity should produce. No woman should even dare to consider the prospect of escaping of the doctrine of separate spheres; that social construct was created for good reason. Ms. Margaret Thatcher and I would certainly not get along very well! Her famous quote: “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman” is so clearly false it’s quite ridiculous. She must have yet to flip through a Bible or even a history textbook because if she had, the fact that women are clearly the inferior sex to the practically perfect male species is quite apparent.

American women have wasted precious time by ridiculously attempting to protest the “oppression” so many of them claim to face. Do you know how many more apple pies would have been baked and how many more clean tile floors there would be had the suffragettes in the twentieth century stayed home rather than write the Declaration of Sentiments? It’s sickening to think about honestly. It didn’t just start in the nineteen-hundreds however. When the core principles of the American nation were being pondered on, Abigail Adams wrote many letters to her husband and founding father John Adams about how he and his fellow comrades should “remember the ladies” when creating laws. How irritating that must have been for him! I imagine poor Mr. Adams thumbing through a stack of letters from his wife, rolling his eyes at her persistence to convince him to include the female population in the law-making process. Her rationale was that since women are the individuals raising the children that will then grow become voters, they have just as much insight on politics as their son will when he comes of age. What rubbish! Thankfully, the congressional committee did not listen to a word Abigail Adams said and fully left woman out of any government document. It’s not like the women are the ones carrying the very same boys who will one day be allowed to vote in their stomachs for nine months.

Unfortunately, episodes of lashing out against made up “injustices” by girls does not stop in the eighteenth century. There is evidence of this emotionally charged and irrational behavior crawling all over the ancient text of the Bible. In the book of Judges, there is a woman named Jael who cunningly lures King Sisera into her tent at night, only to violently murder him. Yes, he was a horrible and evil ruler and by killing him, Jael allegedly “saved” the Israelite tribes, and yes God gives praise to Jael for her “valiant” actions that no one else had the courage to perform but how indecent of her! To kill a man with a tent peg! Think of all the blood she got on her hands.  No woman should ever defile herself in any sort of way; it’s not proper. No man will ever be attracted to a girl who likes to get her hands dirty, or who isn’t anything but dainty. It’s not like men are ever disgusting, foul, or chauvinistic pigs who only see body parts and not brains.

To those supporting Thatcher’s claim; how come there has never been a female president in the United States? There have forty-five U.S. leaders, and not even one has been a woman. This is no coincidence. There emotions would get in the way of such a crucial, decisive, and diplomatic role. How on earth would they be able to make proper choices during that time of the month? Only men are responsible enough to carry out such an important position. I mean, sure, under almost fifty of the male American presidents there has been slavery, oppression, wars, economic depressions, social inequalities, political scandals, riots, and protests but I can guarantee America’s current state would be immensely worse if women had been in charge. Kennedy’s wrongful court packing actions during the era of his second new deal might have been the addition of twenty-two new justices, all of whom would probably be homeless people picked up off the street had his wife been in charge. Lyndon B. Johnson’s decision to send troops to the jungles of Vietnam to support America’s French ally might have been a third world war with Greenland had his wife or any other woman been in charge. Eleanor Roosevelt’s actions were purely her husband’s; he only gave her a platform out of pity. The very reason America is in such a state of peace and prosperity (never mind the marches and conflict with Korea; those are minor) is because of the efforts of bold men.

The evidence doesn’t lie. The male race is superior to females, and Thatcher’s quote is twisted. Truly she should say” “If you want anything done, ask a man. Don’t ask woman anything at all!” There are too many examples in the past of women attempting to take on a role that was meant to be a man’s. The injustice is so alive it’s frightening. I’m not too sure why girls try to fight for anything anymore; haven’t they realized life is better staying silent and submissive?


The author's comments:

This is my attempt to poke fun at the glass ceiling that while has almost completely crumbled in America, still stands strong in many pockets of the world. Perceptions on woman have come a long way, but my attempt at satire is simply trying to bring more awareness to the fact that women still fall behind in many areas, even in this modern, progressive age. 

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