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April 22, 2018
By AndySachs SILVER, To, California
AndySachs SILVER, To, California
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People look at the movements made today and say that it’s empowering and a change. It is. One thing that no one points out is how sad the fact is that we need these movements just to have an ounce of respect for other people.

Time’s Person of the Year last year, or well, people of the year, was “The Silence Breakers” aka all the women who spoke against sexual assault. True bravery at its finest but I hope for one day that this will not be needed. We will not need to see a magazine devoted to brave women just trying to work as singers, directors, producers or even just work.

This isn’t anything new. It’s been happening for years. The reason it seems new is because it’s all been spoken of recently. We’ve had countless award shows remind us of it. Wearing all black, sharing jokes on stage about how most nominees are men. It’s all very strong and I love it as much as the next girl. But, what happened to the dream that this wouldn’t happen. We wouldn’t need this. Women would be equal.

I’m with #TimesUp. I’m with all of these strong women trying to make a better tommorow. Continue to do that. So, this is not hate. It is just shedding light on the fact we need change to happen. We need to stop stalling and to make it happen. For people to listen. For one time. Listen.

Because once you listen to women, you hear them roar.

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