April 8, 2018

The motherless child stood in plain sight. Hurting. Aching with unadulterated fear. Fear for the future. The past. The present.

But nobody noticed the small curled up form on the sidewalk. They just walked past the bruised face and the green eyes that held an unreleased hurricane.

A hurricane big enough to engulf the whole of florida. To instill hopelessness in the minds of everyone close enough to the source.

But… There wasn’t anything that close to the source. There wasn’t anyone who cared enough about the little girl to worry about the flying debris crashing around in her mind. There wasn’t anyone who cared enough about the lump on the corner of fifth and ninth to try to stop the trees and rocks-- houses and cars-- from shattering her fragile heart like glass. Nobody cared enough to save the child from herself.

They kept walking.

And the little girl kept hurting, praying for someone to hear the harsh wind knocking her world over.

But they never did.

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