Do Students With Learning Disabilities Need More Benefits?

March 27, 2018
By cchachere BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
cchachere BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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One of the biggest problems in our school system today is the fact that children with special needs in the classroom do not get the proper benefits. Students with learning disabilities are often forced into classrooms with students who do not have learning disabilities and are given the same amount of time for things such as tests, which is a disadvantage for the students who need more time. It is not fair to students that have something holding them back from retaining the information as easily to be put into classrooms where the teachers are expecting them to understand the information as fast as students without. I know that there are honors and non-honors classes available to all students, however, sometimes even the non-honors classes are a struggle to students that need more time to retain the presented information. All in all, students with learning disabilities have a huge disadvantage when it comes to time for retaining information and time with teachers, and something needs to be done to improve this situation.

To solve the problem of students with learning disabilities not getting the attention that they require, we can create classes for the students who have certain needs. In these classes, the students are allowed more time to discuss information with the teacher, and they are able to get more time for things such as tests. The information can also be presented in a different way that is easier for the struggling students to obtain than in a normal class. They are also allowed to choose which classes they need special help in. For example, a student who is really good at math is going to be allowed to take advanced math classes, but, if they need some more time with something such as English, then they are allowed to take a special needs class for that subject. Tests in the class are also aimed for the students who are taking them. Not only the testing and learning aspects of the situation are adjusted for the students, but certain things, such as, breaks every once in awhile are allowed too. They learn the same things as the other students, but these classes make it easier for them to learn the information and get the benefits that they require. In the end, these classes for students with learning disabilities allow them to overcome the disadvantages that they face in a normal classroom environment.

These special needs classes can improve the situation of the students with learning disabilities in many ways. First, like mentioned many times before, it helps to meet the needs of the students who struggle with retaining information. It allows students more time with the information and teachers to better understand what they are learning about. It also helps them to focus more knowing that they get breaks and are learning in a way that focuses on what they struggle with. It can also improve the situation by making the students feel more confident about their work because they are learning the information in a way that is focused primarily on helping them to retain the information. These classes, being optional, can also allow students to pick and choose what their strengths and weaknesses are, and they allow the students to focus and take special classes only where they have the disability. These classes can improve their way of learning significantly. Overall, one of the biggest problems in the school system is students with learning disabilities not getting the proper attention, but this can easily be solved by creating special classes that are be able to meet their personal needs.

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