School Shooting Solutions

March 23, 2018
By Miss_Steak SILVER, Ashland, Ohio
Miss_Steak SILVER, Ashland, Ohio
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"Make guns illegal!" They cry amidst the carnage. "He wouldn't have had a gun, then," they mourn. Another school shooting and more dead kids. They want a solution. They just want to eat lunch with their friends, play football, smoke stollen cigarettes behind the bleachers...without fear. 


But it's not the guns that are the problem. It's american idealogy. You teach us that the world is ours. You build us stairways to a throne and then you hand us an elevator. We don't learn the stamina or the drive that our grandparents once relied on to survive. 


There is no life or death, now. There is life or suicide. We believe in nothing but finding happiness. You don't teach us that happiness is not a commodity. Instead, you promise we'll find it and encourage our dreams of picking money off trees. And if we claim being strippers 'makes us happy' no one can tell us that's not true. We don't even have a value system anymore. Morals, good and evil, what happened to those? If we're happy exposing ourselves to men for money, "let them live," you say. As long as they're not hurting anyone it's alright.


Well, I have a solution to school shootings if we're not going to talk about why students are killing eachother. Arm the teachers. Then the potential shooter might think before acting. And if he's committed, no defenseless people for target practice. We can't fight guns with words. We fight guns with guns. It's worked out pretty well for the military all this time. If we took their guns I doubt the United States would exist without their defense. 


Another potential option is arming everyone in the highschool. Every student gets a gun with one bullet in it every morning before class while the teachers get machine guns with full ammo. If a shooting happens this time everyone can protect themselves and hopefully take out the shooter. We can't rely on police anymore, not after the Florida shooting. They've begun teaching us to attack an attacker with what we have. Do you think throwing pencils and erasers is going to change anything?


Say we do ban guns, does anyone think that criminals are going to respect the law? They already use the blackmarket. Banning guns only makes the innocent defenseless.


I wish we lived in a world that wasn't at war. I wish people aren't murdered every single day. But my wishes don't make it stop. We have to begin treating school shootings like guerilla warfare. We need to increase our defenses. If no shootings happened we wouldn't have to arm ourselves. But my wishes aren't a reality.

The author's comments:

Sincerely, A High Schooler

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on Mar. 27 at 10:48 pm
Bill Lewis BRONZE,
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You have a point, but arming kids? No. Also, I feel like having some of the most underpaid people shouldn’t have to go through that training. The chances of being exposed to gun violence at school is extremely slim. Why not have a better way to help those people who might make others a statistic? We still need guns, just not used for that.

on Mar. 27 at 4:41 am
Miss_Steak SILVER, Ashland, Ohio
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I agree with you on all the points you’ve made. The one bullet idea was more so if an unstable student was considering shooting fellow students they might shoot themselves instead. It’s a dark idea, but offering them an ‘easy’ way out might save their classmate’s lives.

Luke Reiss said...
on Mar. 27 at 1:03 am
Luke Reiss,
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Really great article, arming teachers will defiantly stop or at least deter school shooters. You are you're own first responder.

Foxine BRONZE said...
on Mar. 26 at 6:39 pm
Foxine BRONZE, Corinne, Utah
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i agree on some points in this, but I must point out a few flaws. Giving students a gun, even with one bullet, would be foolish. I agree; arm the teachers, but students should not be given guns unless they pass a psychoanalysis, and a shooting test, as well as having no history of violence or anger issues.

Seahawk BRONZE said...
on Mar. 26 at 12:11 pm
Seahawk BRONZE, Pefferlaw, Ontario
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Wow, thanks so much for writing this! I definitely agree with you that a gun ban will not help the situation; instead, it will actually worsen it. People really need to know this. You are very courageous to write about this, and I thank you for it!

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