People Shouldn't Try To Fit In

March 23, 2018

Does everyone do assimilation?Yes I do believe that everyone assimilates.Assimilation is when you want to fit in.Everyone does it and sometimes even without knowing it.For example just by saying “I don’t like fitting in” Your actually assimilating because everyone wants to stand out from the crowd.High school is where people find themselves and make a reputation for themselves good or bad.People assimilate because they believe they need to be in a certain clique.

Like this one time in elementary school these kids would think they were the “coolest” kids in school.They thought they were so cool that they made a VIP table for themselves and no one could sit there endless they were “VIP”.So what people did was they started acting like them,doing stuff for them.They were assimilating into their group.But I wasn’t like that what I did I just sat there and I didn’t care that they were saying stuff to me.I’m not one to say that I haven’t tried to fit in the crowd but if its a bad group than I don’t get involved with them.

Some people think that they don’t assimilate but everyone does it’s just some people do it more often than others.I mostly see assimilation at school.Especially at lunch.People have their own groups that hang out with.There’re so many cliques in school like the sports guys,”the nerds”,the shy kids,”the cool kids”,”the weird kids” etc.It’s not that we put ourselves in these groups other people do.That’s just how high school has been for years.Everybody belongs to a certain clique.

I like to believe that everybody is their own group.You are your own person.So I don’t understand why people assimilate.When people assimilate they are basically changing themselves just to fit in.If we stay true to ourselves maybe we can get rid out these cliques.”Don’t change so people will like you.Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.”

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