Closing the Gap on Gender Inequality

February 28, 2018
By emc004 BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
emc004 BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Gender inequality is a big issue that the world has been faced with for decades. Women - and sometimes men too - are faced with prejudice after prejudice because of their gender. From pay to access to healthcare to political empowerment, women are almost looked down upon and forgotten. But, there are ways to fix this. By working towards a better solution, we can start living in a gender equal country, and soon after that, a gender equal world.


Regarding Equal Pay:
Despite some breakthroughs with equal pay, the wage gap is still a big problem. In the US, women only make 80% of what a man earns for the same full-time work. This is only 80 cents a woman earns for every dollar that a man earns. In addition, women are less likely to have manager or supervisor positions, and when they do, they usually have less authority. This gap in paychecks, as well as fewer opportunities for employment, mean that women retire with half as much of the savings of men, putting older women at risk of homelessness.


But there are ways to solve this problem. We can strengthen equal pay laws so that women can fight back against pay discrimination. We can remove barriers so that women can enter male-dominated fields. We can provide paid family and medical leave as well as paid sick days. We can raise the minimum wage so that women in low-wage jobs can earn enough money to make a living. There are so many solutions for this problem; we just need to do something about it.


Regarding Health Care:
Despite the law created by Department of Health and Human Services that stated gender, race, disability, age, and place of birth should not affect how much money and the quality of care a person receives when being federally funded, women are still being left in the dust when it comes to childbirth. This new law does not cover labor and delivery costs, which can sometimes be the most pricey aspect of the unequal health care prices. In addition, the Trump administration recently removed the guarantee that health insurance will cover the cost of birth control.


But there are ways to combat this inequality. Governments and other organizations need to work together with health care companies in order to make sure that people in specific areas have the access to health care that they need. Also, covering the cost of birth control for women would most definitely help bring the huge price gap down and help women save some money. These high prices for health care and the prices of raising a child are a reason for many women being impoverished, and finding a way to bring these prices down for women would help to take people out of poverty.


Overall, gender inequality is a big issue plaguing the United States, and the world, today. Despite this abundance of problems, there are countless solutions for every issue of gender inequality. Likewise, there are countless women hoping that these solutions they dream about will become a reality. All they need is someone who can - and will - solve these problems. That person can be you. Writing to the government, holding rallies, creating petitions. There are so many ways for people to encourage change.


Are you ready to make those dreams happen?

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Gender inequality is such a big issue in our country that I feel that we need to do something about it and end it. 

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