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February 15, 2018
By Majestic_Dolphin BRONZE, Kahalui, Hawaii
Majestic_Dolphin BRONZE, Kahalui, Hawaii
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Today there is violence everywhere. For example there has been many shootings across the country and other acts of violence all around the world. When your hear about these mass shootings, you first think of guns right? Many people say "Guns are bad", "we need to ban guns", and "we need more gun control". But what if guns are not the problem, but morality, the lack of parenting, and guidance from whats right and wrong. Today many kids grow up in a family where the parents are always working, so they have hardly any time to be with them, and as well as many kids are to busy with school, homework, other activies like sports. Many kids grow up without the proper role model. Its not a gun problem its a moral issue that we are dealing with in the United States of America. Everyone needs to stop and think and learn to look at this from a bigger picture and not be so quick to point fingers and blame. If you can really think about how so much kids are left to grow up without being morraly straight, then chances are they are going to end up as heartless adults and end up like barbaric brutes. Why are so many kids ruthless these days? Well you can stop and listen to what kind of music these kids listen to? You can hear all kinds of songs about killing, sex, and drugs. Not only the music but also the kinds of videos these kids watch, for example many kids have a phone and when their parents aren't home they would watch porn. Now if kids just views a women as sexual objects/ pleasure they can end up raping or sexually abusing people as an adult. I can go on more but you get the point. America does not have a gun problem, America has a morality issue. So please share this and if your a parent, please check your children because these kids are the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this, take care and God bless you all!

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I wrote this article because I am worried about the future of this country and the future of these kids. Many of these kids do not realize how dangerous their ignorance is. Because not only are they jeopardizing their future but the future of this country and the future of mankind.

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Luke Reiss said...
on Feb. 20 2018 at 1:49 am
Luke Reiss,
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Honestly this world needs a lot more Jesus

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