February 14, 2018
By Drason BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Drason BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Apple has been getting a little pricey lately with their newer iPhones. The iPhone X has facial recognition, raising the price to $1000! But what’s really noticeable, is that people are still buying them. Why do you think people are so attracted to Apple phones? Even I have one. And I think I know why. I bet you it’s because your friends have one, or you see people with them. You don’t notice, but people are constantly making decisions based on what others are doing. And I know that you reading this right now, have done the same thing plenty of times.

It may not seem like such a big deal when we are talking about phones, but it happens in so many different ways. When people try to imitate what others are doing, it can cause some serious problems like bullying. If someone sees a friend doing something like bullying someone they don’t like, they will want to keep them as a friend, so they will either not interfere, or try to join them.

It also causes drug abuse. If someone gets offered drugs from their friend, they won’t want to lose that friend. So even though they may know it’s wrong, they will most likely accept. Then they get addicted, and they cause another friend to do the same thing.

It can even change someone’s personality completely. When I’m walking through the hallways of my school, I always see at least one big group of people all doing the same thing. Throughout the day those people are constantly copying each other, and I wonder how they were before. Were they they same as they are now? Or did being with that group overtime change what they like. You don’t recognize it until you look back on yourself from a while ago. I’m not going to point any fingers, but I’ve seen many people at my school that have changed drastically from elementary to middle. Who they were back then, is a completely different person than they are now. And it’s all caused from the people they’re around.

But if being around certain people is what causes others to act up, who started it all? No baby is born evil, so what is the cause of it? You would think that bad parenting is the cause, but bad parenting is also caused by bad influences of others, so it creates this circle. So nobody can really no for sure how it all started, but it’s easy to know how to know how to fix it. The answer is to be yourself, and don’t try to imitate others. And I know your thinking that you’ve always been yourself. But I’ll give you some time to stop reading this, and think over some of the decisions you’ve made, or some items you own…

So was I right? Maybe the next time you’re looking for a brand new phone, look into it a little more, you might just completely change your mind.

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