The Approval of Teen Destruction

February 8, 2018
By MyrannieO BRONZE, Keller, Texas
MyrannieO BRONZE, Keller, Texas
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Dear 21st century teenagers,

Why do we have a specific image of what a teenager is supposed to be like, act like and look like? We poison our brains with stereotypical characteristics that we are supposed to have to be considered a normal teenager. We all have such high standards that we have to reach to be accepted in our society and it must stop before it escalates to something other generations, like our parents or siblings can’t handle or stop.

We think we need to dress a certain way, wear only name brands, or be made fun of or not accepted. When what someone wears influences whether you want to be friends with them or not, it shows what type of person you really are: someone who judges people by what they look like not their personality and them as an individual.

Prepare yourself for what i'm going to say next. I'm sure that none of us millennials are proud of this, but…

Lately, people who do drugs, yes drugs, are considered to be “cool” and someone others want to be like. When were drugs ever something that were accepted as a “trend” or something we should do? I have never thought drugs could influence someone's friend group until one of my friends chose a new friend group just to be closer to the drugs and have easier access to them. Sometimes the “cool” teens ask you “Do you smoke? Vape?” as if it was something normal to ask or talk about in a conversation. Drugs are just one of the things that lead teens to making irrational decisions and regretful mistakes. Not only is it considered cool to do it, but posting about it on social media to prove that you are a millennial junkie is definitely in style. At this point in time it might be hard to find a freshman who hasn't smoked, or done something worse. Can we stop making such horrible things acceptable in our society?

When in a relationship, it is now expected to do sexual things to meet the standards of a normal and “real” relationship. I'm sure guys ask their friends when they are in a relationship, “Have you guys done anything?”. It’s sad to say but it is the truth. It isn't about love anymore and casual affection. Teenagers use the phrase “ If you loved me you would do it”, to convince their significant other to turn their relationship into something sexual. It gets to a point where girls feel pressured and forced to do things they don't want to do. Our generation isn't satisfied  with the normal, casual gestures to show their love towards each other like holding hands and hugging.

I'm not saying that all teens are like this, because they aren't, but there is a large quantity that fit the exact descriptions I included. All teens should come together and stop this rebellion we are creating that will be passed onto other generations and lead to the destruction of the world. Let's stop the categorizing and grouping and all just become one and all get along with each other. Everything that once was not allowed or wanted, will be accepted as a society and become something more common than ever. The stereotype of an American teenager is not something to be proud of or share with the rest of the world.

The author's comments:

As a 14 year old, I am exposed to all types of problems in our genaration. I hope we, the future genaration of the world, can joing together and change our ways. My purpose is not to offend but to inform teens from my perspective.

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