A List of Things Iv'e Done Without You

February 6, 2018
By Paulina00 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Paulina00 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I know when you love a certain person you instantly want to do everything with them. Want to spend the rest of your life with them. Sometimes things happen and that affects us badly. I can relate to you when you mentioned “Even though I know you aren’t going to be there, I still look for your face in the crowd …” My boyfriend at the time when he used to be at my school used to walk with me to my classes too. Until one day he stopped because of some family stuff that happened and work made him busy 24/7. Ever since that day I would always try to find him in the crowd of students walking across the campus or the spot where we would walk to every lunch but then I realize that he isn’t here. I miss him dearly, but we know that we must do the things we wanted to do without that person because all it is going to do is hurt us more than it should. We learn to make new memories with those who are with us right now. I can relate with what had happened with you. Just know that things may happen, but things will get better later on.

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