Science Letter

February 8, 2018
By Anonymous

Dear Science,

It’s Jackson B. here. One of the trillions of organisms you let biology create. And some of those organisms, who are like me, wonder the same question I’m asking you now. Why do you have to be so interesting, yet be so undiscovered?

After millions of years of evolution, you’d think we’d come farther than we have. Yes, we know most of the simple stuff, such as certain laws and things like that, but yet we still haven’t cracked gravitational manipulation. Or speed of light travel. Or if the string theory can be proven. Or if traveling to different dimensions is possible, going into different times. We still don’t even know if Aliens exist. And if those aliens have logic, or even just the same biological structure as us. There are so many more than just that. Like, how big is the universe? Why did the universe begin? What was before it? Are there more out there or is this the only one?

It can all be solved, over time of course, but some of us don’t want to wait. I would like to travel interplanetary, and discover Aliens. I would like to terraform planets. I would like to explore the universe, make sense of it all. I would like to start new life forms by giving single celled organisms a habitable planet, and then let evolution take toll, and eventually allow them to be as logical and reasoning as humans. But I probably won’t be able to.

Yes, we are learning to learn faster. And we are learning more. However that only gets us so far. Unless we get lucky in this next century, figure out how to live eternally, I won’t ever be able to witness the greatness of space colonization. I won’t get to see the amazing engineering, and energy, and the mind power it takes to create ships that allow us to travel at extreme speeds. Or the incredible creativeness that is required to build space habitats. But this could change, if only you consider my request.

I would like for you to give us answers, and if not that, then at least hints. And it doesn’t have to be all at once, you could spread it out over time. As long as I get to see it happen. I want to be able to see the colonization of galaxies, the interstellar cities, but I will only be able to if you accept my request.

Thank you for reading this, and just simply allowing us, and everything for that matter, to live.

Lots of Chemistry,


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Its cool and I like science

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