Stop Using Uber... You're Hurting The Economy

January 30, 2018
By Anonymous

Have you ever taken an Uber? Well you might want to think twice if you have, and before taking one again. They might seem good, I mean who wouldn’t like having a car come pick you up. But Uber is actually a little bit mean, Uber disrupts the economy. Wanna know who it disrupts Taxi drivers?  Those jolly cabs don’t have any customers anymore because of Uber.

Uber is a non licensed car share company. While taxis actually have to have a background check and a second license to drive a taxi. The background checks reduce the rate of kidnap and rape.There have been very few kidnaps and rapes by taxi drivers. Uber drivers are not certified and don’t have special licenses so there kidnap rate and rape rate is higher.Some countries have banned Uber because of these high chances. Places like Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Australia, Austin, Texas, Alaska, and Vancouver have banned Uber.

Uber is a big economic problem for taxis and countries. Uber drivers have made lots of taxis go bankrupt and have no more jobs.Taxi drivers have to buy medallions and that can cost more than$700,000 to buy sometimes. A medallion is like a business name, like when you open a store you have to pay for the sign. All the while with Uber you can just use your own car.Uber is cheaper and makes people not want to use taxis. Taxis have to do background checks and pay for special licenses and with Uber all you have to do is click buttons on your phones.Taxi drivers have to get a new vehicle every 7 years, Uber drivers can use their vehicle for as long as they please.Also taxi drivers can only pick up passengers in the area that they have their permit in, but Uber can pick people up anywhere you can even rent a car on vacation and do Uber.

There are many solutions to this problem that can reduce or extinguish the problem that Uber has made for taxi drivers. One solution is that Uber drivers should have to use the same rules that taxi drivers use. Another is that countries  could stop Uber all together. There are already people trying to solve this problem, there is already many apps for example Cabfare. It’s an app like Uber only it brings a taxi to your location. These are only a few solutions to this rising problem. If you want to help go online and find and sign some petitions or ask a parent to go to a rally or protest.

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Do world right... stop uber

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