Worlds Apart

January 24, 2018
By Anonymous

Betrayal is a hard subject to cope with.  One minute the thing with the most value to you is there and the next it’s gone with the wind.  Sometimes things as valuable as all the world’s riches are people rather than items.  People with such value are the ones you confide in and would lay down your whole life for.  A friend unintentionally breaking a person’s trust is among the worst feelings, because they don’t wish to inflict pain but what they do hurts like hell.  That’s what this is, the most valuable person in my life leaving me behind in a state of faded gray loneliness.  My best friend: someone I ’ve been stuck to like glue, my brightly shining star, the person I planned so much of my life around, and the friend I set goals upon, replaced me. 

Trusting in a confidante is hard to do and when I finally saddle up to it I’m stabbed in the back by the one I trusted with my knife.  With I see her with her friends, her world is a bright yellow; she’s happy now.  She’s no longer bored with me because she has completely moved on and left me in her dust.  She now radiates like the sun while I sit slumping in my gray melancholy world.  My life is nothing but gray without her, a mix of my hope in white and my giving up in black.  I now lack the ability to see the world in color, something she always helped me do.  Whether it be through seeing the best in people or even just contributing a spark of happiness she helped me seeing all the blues and greens rather than my now monochromatic color pallet..  I’ll always have this average gray feeling with her now because without trying she stripped my life of color.   It physically pains me to let go but I know she’ll be happier and I want her to be able to fly away and live in a sunny yellow without me dragging her down.  That’s the  real gray I feel, her happiness in white mixed with my emptiness in black.  As life goes on and trust fades, I hope her yellow gets brighter and brighter until she shines like the sun in her new friends eyes, while I slowly slip from gray into an everlasting black, futile future.  It’s almost as though one rupture in trust can put friends who were always close on separate sides of the universe.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by my feelings after my friend left for a new school and replaced me completely.

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