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January 22, 2018
By Allex BRONZE, Murska Sobota, Other
Allex BRONZE, Murska Sobota, Other
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Soo…This is my first work and I thought about it long and hard. What I want to write, Will people like it, Will it be good?

After that discussion with myself I have desited to write about things that matter.

I could write about that woman represent about 49.6% of the human rase and are still getting paid less than men.

I am greatfull that I have some strong, powerfull women who have raised me. My mother has always fought for what she wanted and never backed down. She told me you could only relay on yourself and no one else. I think that’s not true, etliest I hope is not. Reese Witherspoon talked about how in the roles that have been offered to her she would have to say this one line over and over again: ?What are we gonna do now?” and turn to a man. Do you know any women who would in the time of crises turn to a man, or that didn’t know what to do. The answer is NO. We are still degrading women in these roles, that have to turn to a men and just sit still. I have enough of this. If we want a change we have to do something. That is why I’m writing this article; not because people will like it or if it will be popular, but because of me, because I think this is a story worth telling. Women are amazing human beings that if want can destroy or dominate the world. Think about it, we need women because without them none of us would be here. So when your mother comes home today,give her a big hug and say THANK YOU.

This article was written for all the women before and after me. But let’s forget this.

All that matters right now is US, so be in the moment, because after it’s gone and you can never get it back.

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