What If?

January 7, 2018
By jacquelinereadinger BRONZE, Guthrie Center , Iowa
jacquelinereadinger BRONZE, Guthrie Center , Iowa
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The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all. Could you believe me if I told you that we are all fighting our own heads. Our subconsciousness, the voices.  Would you believe me? Probably not, why would you? In our heads that would trigger a fear factor causing defence mechanisms, resulting in denial. Although, how could you deny what I just proved? How could you deny something that just happened?

In our heads we have logic and reason, but we also have creativity and freedom. Think of it this way. Close your eyes, lay down, and relax. Imagine you sitting in an empty room, in your brain, in your mind. Then zoom out, watch as everything gets bigger around you, the darkness consuming you the only light is a lamp sitting next to you. It flickers and you falter, what happens when the light goes out? What do you do, where do you go? How do you find your way around to another light? Tell me, how is that thought not scary?

When you close your eyes it’s dark when you open them it’s bright, what’s scarier than the dark, the unknown? In the dark we are scared and defenseless. You can’t fight what you can’t see, now can you?

What would you do, run? Where would you go? The voices follow you everywhere, they tell you what to do. They tell you if your right or wrong, if your bad or good. They argue, they bicker, they yell, they whisper, they are the reason you do what you do. Don’t tell me that isn’t scary, you wouldn’t be scared of the voices if they were the bad ones? There's always one rotten apple, and there's always one amazing one. You chose who to listen to. You are the neutral one, you get to negotiate the ones that argue. Now answer me this, what if the voices in your head are fighting for one thing, and they aren’t really voices, but your past souls from past lives. What if they are fighting for control, and only one has won so far. People with more than one personality, what if that is just all of their past lives controlling one body. If all past lives are dominant ones, leaders, what happens if you put them together?

This theory can be upheld by asking this, what happens if you put all leaders in the same room to solve one problem? It’s similar to rulers from ancient times who fought for everything, land, extending boundaries and barriers, other people. It can start a war.

Imagine that, then ask yourself, what happens when this starts in someones head?

The author's comments:

It started with one sentance, the first. It was a story prompt I had found months ago and now here we are.

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