Love Yourself

December 21, 2017
By RomanCarnes SILVER, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
RomanCarnes SILVER, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
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I want you to take a look at yourself. I don’t mean a quick glance. I want you to spend about 3-5 minutes and just look at yourself. What do you see? Not just superficial, but also inside. Do you like what you see? Now don’t jump right to a “yes” or “no”, think about it. I want you to pick out as many features of yourself you love and name them. What are they? Your eyes? Your hair? Your smile? Tell yourself what you love about yourself. Internalize those things you love about yourself. Now take a look inside yourself. How are you as a person? What are some qualities you love about yourself? Your personality? Your outlook on life? Just you as a person? Now internalize those as well. Pick out what you don’t like now. Choose what you believe are flaws on the outside and within yourself. Say out loud how you feel about the things you just chose as negatives. If you don’t like how you are as a person then change it. You are not set in stone. Our mind, body, and soul are forever changing. Your mind is an eraser and you can change what you wanna change whenever you want to. It may not be instantaneous but if you really want change then you must strive for it. You will change many times throughout your life and that is what makes you and everyone else beautiful. Life is ying and yang. You shall never have full happiness and good. At the same time, you will never have full sadness and evil. Life is a beautiful constant motion, like waves on beach. Always changing and never the same for one person. Such as life you are always changing whether you know it or not and it is a beautiful thing as well. You are not your feelings and thoughts. You may find yourself ugly but you may be the shining star in someone else’s night sky. How could you say you’re not when there are over 7 billion people in this life with you? You are loved by so many more people than you may think. I think its time you join that group that does.

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