Some Things Are Worth Working For

December 20, 2017
By sonyaweeks BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
sonyaweeks BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
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Some things are worth working for. There are things in life that can be extremely important and meaningful to people in many different ways and can affect our lives.

In the movie Rocky, the main character has to compete against someone because he is a fighter, and he has to work for it. He knows that this fight will be really hard, but it has a great deal of importance to him so he decides to train and work very hard to get in better shape and to become a better fighter so that Rocky might have a chance to beat this other component. With lots of effort, he faced many struggles along the way but he still pushes through it and achieves his goal.

In the book The Fault In Our Stars, the main character has cancer. She keeps struggling with the kids at her school and the people around her because they make fun of her, but she found a support group to get help. Then she meets a boy along the way who currently has been dealing with the same thing, and they fall in love. These kids are willing to do anything to stay with each other even if it means losing themselves.

I can also relate to this because I competitively swim. Swimming is a very difficult sport because we all strive to be the greatest. This whole year, I have wanted a few specific times in some of my races. So all year at practice I worked really hard and I started paying more attention to my details and stroke. It was tiring and strenuous but I noticed that it all payed off. Then I noticed that I started to get all of the times that I was working for and this showed me a lot how to work hard for the things that I wanted.

I have always wondered how hard other people have to work for the things that they get or want. I think the world could be a happier place if people really started working for the things that they want, then everyone would know how great it feels to achieve something and then they might not be upset if they don’t get what they want.

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