Dear Straight White Men

November 28, 2017
By kayl. BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
kayl. BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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Dear straight white men, not all of you are at fault for the cracks in our society. However, you are the most privileged. What we mean by this is you do not have to constantly have to walk home alone with a knife in your pocket, or with your keys between your fingers just in case. You do not have to move to the opposite side of the street to feel safer. You are not always in fear that you will be murdered because of the amount of melanin in your skin. You are not ashamed of your sexuality or who you love. Most of you take these privileges for granted, and it does not go unnoticed. To the ones who realize their privileges and act as a platform for the less fortunate, we appreciate your efforts to create an equal society. To those who only care about their gender, their race, and their heterosexual brothers, there are a few things the rest of us would like you to know.

To start off, your president is a pig. Your president has openly admitted to sexual harassment. He lies, discriminates, and his decisions are morally wrong. Before you go on about “freedom of speech”, we would like to point out that the Declaration of Independence states “all men are created equal”. When your constitutional right to freedom of speech directly affects a minority group, you are violating the rights of others. Also, no matter what you claim, a sexual assault victim is never at fault. The number one cause of all rapes are rapists, not clothes, behavior, or relation. No matter what your “President” says, transgender women are women too and deserve rights just like cisgender women. Women do not exist for sexual objectification. Women have the right to be in control of their own bodies regardless of what you believe. Women can wear what they want, say no, have more than one sexual partner, have no sexual partner, and take birth control; Women’s choices regarding their own bodies is none of your business.

Second, the republican party is toxic. We realize not all of you are republicans, but a majority of the republican party is made up of people similar to you. No human is illegal, The United States is a melting pot and immigrants make up our culture. We are supposed to offer equal opportunities for everyone. However, we do understand that illegal immigration is bad, just ask the Native Americans and the Mexicans, that is of course after your ancestors stole their land and killed off 90% of their population. And yes, we understand you love guns, however, guns are responsible for approximately 33,000 deaths a year (give or take) including about 70,000 fatal gun injuries.On average, that is 93 Americans killed by guns a day. We also understand that you get offended easily, but blaming other people for what you take offensive (especially when more than half of the time, we are speaking on behalf of human rights) does not make you seem any more innocent.

We also notice that you favor people of your own kind, which in your defense, is human nature: but what is not human nature is acting upon prejudiced thoughts. Examples from this would include taking your anger towards terrorism on muslims. Muslims are not at fault for terrorism, especially when you take into consideration that islamic extremists are responsible for only 13% of all terrorist attacks, and in fact white men are the biggest threats to national security.

In conclusion, there are many more things that can be taken into account but our point is this is America. We are the land of equal opportunity, where refugees can seek safety from their home countries, and where citizens can live freely. Our soldiers fight for our right to be free and live as we please. They fight for our rights that we take for granted, especially people like you. Dear straight white men, please open your eyes.



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