No More Old Navy and Gap

November 27, 2017
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Dear Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher, Presidents of Old Navy and Gap,

Most of us know that your clothing is manufactured in overseas sweatshops,  which consist mostly of indigenous women and children. I just learned this about a week ago, and I am sorry to say that I will will no longer buy or wear any of your clothing.

It is terribly disappointing how you sell clothing to women and children made by people just like them. Your company makes tons of money everyday, and you pay them a small amount of money, which is not enough to support themselves.

Remember the riot in 2010 when the factory workers asked for a seven cent raise? And your companies denied? All the workers wanted was thirty five cents a day. You should have paid them at least that much for working and risking their lives everyday. After all, most of them hate their job but that’s probably the only option because of where they live. But you said no. You said no, and that caused a riot and many people and their innocent children who they had to bring along got beaten by police because of the chaos. They were just protesting for their rights. That doesn’t make you feel ashamed, or guilty at all? For the precious, innocent, children and their parents to get beaten?

Do not even forget about the fire -- the fire in which many people were trapped and either died in the fire and burned, or chose to die by jumping out of the windows so that their families would have their bodies in remembrance. People would have caught them, but they thought that the workers were throwing piles of clothing out the windows so they didn’t burn. But it was not piles of clothing, it was the workers.

All I am asking for, is for you to stop having your clothing manufactured in sweatshops. It really bothers me and many other people how children and women have to work there so that they can make a living, since it is probably one of the only choices of work where they live. After all, the least you could do is raise their pay. Please do something about this.


From a thirteen-year-old girl who used to buy from your stores,
Mary Kathryn M.

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