November 22, 2017
By LiA.L. BRONZE, Fairfax, Virginia
LiA.L. BRONZE, Fairfax, Virginia
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"All of life is peaks and valleys. Don't let the peaks get too high and the valleys too low." ~John Wooden

There is a deadly poison, one that poisons us slowly, from inside out. There is a killer in our midst, one that hatches its cruel schemes carelessly, weaving dangerously through crowds. There is a traitor among us, one that cannot be trusted. And they all go by the name of technology. A child we raised from young to old but betrayed us, one we gave life to but destroys us; technology is not one to be depended on, for if it is, humanity is bound to get hurt.

Like everything else, technology was not meant to be detrimental to our society. I was merely meant to help, and some technologies did just that. Yet, we seek to solve all our problems with it, we became lazy and instead of relying on ourselves, we handed everything to technology, firmly integrating it into our lifestyle, Technology dug its roots deep into the heart of our cultures, inching through hard rock and soil. Now, many people do not even know how they could ever survive without it.

If the first source we turn to when facing questions is technology instead of ourselves, we are not utilizing or harnessing our true problem solving capabilities. It is perfectly acceptable to utilize technology in problem solving, in fact it is very well incorporated into the scientific field of applied research, but it is preposterous to forgo thought for a spoon-fed answer. It is clear as day, that if we turn to technology before ourselves that we are far too dependent on it. Technology has us think and do less. With technology, we no longer question things, we no longer challenge ourselves, we no longer think for ourselves. Sure, it may have made many tasks much easier, but it is slowly rotting us from the core. With technology’s ability of providing easy efficient answers, we will never progress, never grow and develop if we always turn to it before first challenging ourselves.

We are forgetting what we used to do, making us lose the abilities we were born with. This is a result of too much dependence on technology for technology erases the natural abilities we were gifted with. It replaces our abilities with others of its own so that we do less work, and though that seems a good thing, we eventually come to forget about whom we used to be, who we are. We are becoming emotionally distant as well. Technology is numbing us to the outside world, to the beautiful colors of our planet and the enchanting scents of nature around us. It dells the feeling we receive, from heartbreaking sorrow to pure, ecstatic joY. We become a mere dull and empty shell, a shell of a human.

The past creates the future, hardships are the stones that pave the road, the tears shed turn to the steps leading up, ad the drops of sweat become the final destination, the final result. To forget is to lose all memories of this, to become lost. Technology has made us forget all of it, all sweat, tears, and blood, all the effort we put in vanished, and the road we once took disappears. We depend on technology to a point where it brainwashes us, we have lost all sense of self, forgotten the bittersweet processes and journeys. We no longer experience the world with our senses, we stare at it blankly, without wonder, without care through a screen that entraps us like a fishbowl, holding us forever captive. We used to have vivid and bright pictures, beautiful and vivacious, but now all we have left are pale images, slowly fading away into the morning light.

The author's comments:

By no means do I wish to discourage the use of technology or instillate that it is completely void of use, for the technology we practice today has saved lives, but technology should never be your answer to every problem and in the increasingly advanced societies today, we are letting golden opportunities slip away before our very eyes.

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