The adventure of finding YOURSELF

November 8, 2017
By Anonymous

if you had all the money in the world what would you do with it?

if had all the money in the world i go on adventure to find who i really am physically,spiritually,emotionally because self-love is very important  because its the key to finding yourself you could be going through this no matter how old you are [pre-teen] / [ abulthood]  this is very important especially if you get bullied because of your skin color, religon,weight, height or by the way you dress if you have self-love/self-confindence and you know who you are spiritually,emotionally,physically you dont kave to worry about what people say about you because at the end of the day i know this abventure was worth my time

The author's comments:

this article makes me want to become a better peroson everyday and it makes me want to help others thats going through something or anyhthing alone 

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