November 13, 2017
By Sedra Tanta SILVER, Damascus, Other
Sedra Tanta SILVER, Damascus, Other
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They tell you things which they are smashing you, they try to break you down.

Treating you as a foolish intrudes in their world , your own thoughts don't fit them . Also , there are some words can be heard the most as long as you live in their world that you don't deserve the love , or to be loved . Otherwise , there is no one can fall in love with you for your weird mind .

Is the problem relating really to the way of thinking ?! , actually I didn't find an answer or a reason.

In fact , it's a matter of being either a classical person like the others and be one of the copies , holding the same character without any change , or having your own way to create a special creature and being the unique edition .
Moreover , even in love , you just want to love in the way you like .May you don't need a perfect love , and all what you need is finding someone who loves your weirdness , talks to you for hours about nothing which could be the best conversation and respects and completes you.

Ultimately , you can prove that you aren't far from the reality by living , thinking , talking and love in the way you admire .

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