Israeli pride

October 23, 2017
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Hey So today I wanted to tell you about something that is very important to me, Israeli pride. I feel it almost every day. It may sound strange to you, because many people do not fly to Israel because of the security situation, but in Israel I feel the safest in the world. I feel Israeli pride every time I see a soldier with a uniform who may be described as not very good in your news, but, did you know that after the most important of the State of Israel, the Egyptian armies, Syria and Lebanon, with reinforcements from other countries, entered Israel and tried to kill us? Well, maybe you will say "it was 70 years ago, Who cares", but did you know that two years ago rocket were sent to the whole country?
I feel Israeli pride when I see the Olympics and we win. Maybe it's normal for you, but if someone from Israel competes in one of the cases, everyone sits in front of the TV in suspense and if he wins, it's an abnormal happiness. I feel Israeli pride when I hear our songs. Write on YouTube "israeli song". I promise you will like thet. I feel Israeli pride because of Gal Gadot. I feel Israeli pride because of our slang. I feel Israeli pride when going to the sea and the pool, and this hot , of I love so much.
In the world people are so polite. When I was in London there was rain and wind and then we ran and laughed in the street. People looked at us as like we did i dont know what. Everyone is all quiet, I do not know how I could live without walking down the street, and yell, and see, and be happy, and what cares that everyone looks at us. How do you manage to live like this?
I'll finish a little sad.
I feel Israeli pride because of the Holocaust. This terrible thing. Six million Jews were murdered for what? Because they are Jews. When I first heard that there were people who felt the Holocaust, I was simply shocked. How can people say such a thing. I'm proud that despite everything we've gone through it and established a country and I can feel safe here. I hope this writing will make Pluto people judge Israelis. Do you have any idea what it is to fly for a few days to o be afraid when you say where are you from? It does not make sense

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