Why Should High School Students Receive Life-Training Skills?

November 10, 2017
By Lindss BRONZE, Hackett, Arkansas
Lindss BRONZE, Hackett, Arkansas
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Why should high- school students should receive life-training skills, and learn real life experiences? In our society, student get taught mathematics, science, history, and english as a requirement. Many kids ask themselves why they have to take them if they aren't going into a career field that uses it. I ask myself that question everyday. I am a 16 year old sophomore and what I learn isn't what I want to do for my career. I struggle because I feel like it isn't important to what I will do for a job.

In a certain grade you learn what your best career path is and you learn more about yourself, but why aren't there classes that teach real life experiences such as, how to pay taxes, how to write a check, how to handle anxiety, depression, and how to have self confidence. Everyone will have to pay taxes, and will have to write a check at some point. That is used worldwide and not just here. There are also students everywhere with anxiety. It happens during tests or when they get into big crowds, and yet, no one seems to care or wants to help them learn how to handle that when they get into that situation. Depression and self confidence go together, because when depression hits your self confidence goes down. A class where they teach how to conquer depression isn't a class to embarrass someone because it can save someone from suicide. Each school has talked about suicide and everyone knows what it is, but one time about it being said doesn't help. It gets talked about more when a student actually follows through with it, but then it is too late. Students get into drugs from depression and a lot worse can happen.

Real life classes should be taken from junior high until you graduate. It may just save someone life, and it may help more students be successful. What matters is how it can help someone in many ways, and what you can do about it is simple.That is why I think students should receive life-training skills.

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