Seventeen Years Old

November 9, 2017
By CrystalGC SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
CrystalGC SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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In the article,"Seventeen Years Old" it starts off with the author explaining all things people are telling her about boys. As she continues with her story, she explains these codes that girls go by. For example, if a boy is mean to you, then it means that he likes you. Then she continues with a hall moniter telling her that her skirt was, "too short." Which is complete poop. It's honestly hard for girls to grow up because you have all these people telling what's right and what's wrong, then almost every girl has to deal with what to wear and what not to wear. Girls should just ignore these rules and be themselves, although it might be hard because of all the negativity, but this will only bring us all down.

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