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October 30, 2017
By Chris.K21 BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
Chris.K21 BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Identity is everything. Identity is influenced by two main things - factors a person is in control of and factors a person is not in control of. Branching from these roots, identity can be determined through the way a person acts, one’s physical appearance, culture, friends, values, beliefs and so on. The special thing about identity is that everyone is different and unique compared to everyone else. Identity, in many cases, is the limiting factor to other people’s perceptions about another. Identity is not something someone is born with, but something found by people later on in life. People cannot usually choose their physical identity, but people do have the choice over their inner and mental identity. My identity is something that is very important to me. It closely connects to how I feel about my reputation as well. I want them both to be healthy, happy, and great. In my life, factors that shape and influence my identity the most are the relationships I have with others, my beliefs and values, and most importantly my close friends and family around me.

To begin, the relationships I have with others are very influential and shaping to my identity. By relationships, I mean how I treat others and vise versa. The way a person is treated and how they treat others, greatly affects one’s identity. For example, If a person is rude or malicious towards others, then there is a very good chance that they are identified by others as this kind of person. Through the treatment of others, certain labels and traits are put to your name, which directly affects who you are as a person. In other words, a person’s inner identity will be deeply affected by what others say about him/her. This works in parallel to my own life. My parents have raised me to be respectful and kind to others. I treat others like I would treat someone in my family - with care and admiration. I try being the best person to others in life. The treatment of others is something that I am very aware of in life as well. For instance, if I see someone that is down, I’ll be the one to jump in and try to cheer up their day or put a smile on their face. In October of 2016, my grandfather had recently passed and then a few days after, a friend’s father passed away. Instead of just focusing on my family's problems at the time, I made time to write a well-constructed note of the same pain we shared and how I would do anything to help. I treated him with love from the bottom of my heart - truly proving my personality. When providing someone with this type of treatment, I love the feeling of doing something good or special for another person. When people treat me the way I treat them, I feel even better about my identity because it shows that they respect me as a person. My identity thrives on the respect given to me and from me, through the relationships I have with others.

Furthermore, my identity is shaped by my beliefs and values in life. My identity is shaped greatly by what I believe in. I am a religious person, of the Catholic faith and my beliefs revolving around God shape my identity into a person deep in their religion. My religion plays a big role in my life. Thanks to it, I am able to find peace in disasters, happiness in struggles, and solutions to my problems. My religion is my vent. My problems and emotions run into my religion which then finds a perfect solution to every dilemma I am faced with. The beliefs I have in my religion translate to how I live my own life. Most importantly, many of the life lessons in the Bible and in religious homilies, I apply to my own life. Most are relatable to what goes on with me and how I live. Aside from beliefs, my values and morals are also factors in how my identity is shaped. I value the important things in life. If I am ever lost, mentally or physically, I will take a step back and really think. I value certain personalities and traits in people. I also value my family. Similarly to what I explained before, I value other people’s courage and respect. My identity is shaped by these values and beliefs in life.

Finally, the factors that shape my identity the most are my friends and family. Besides God, my family is the most important thing in my life. The numerous events and learning experiences have deeply changed and shaped me as a person. I owe it all to them for making me the person I am today. My family are the most supportive people in my life. I know I can truthfully tell them anything and be met back with advice or theories I had not thought of before. My family members include my mother, father, and sister. Each play important roles in shaping my identity. Family in general is the most unbreakable bond between humans. My family is bonded together like Graphene - one of the strongest materials known to man. My point is that we have an unbreakable bond, and this greatly influences my identity in a positive way. It is amazing to arrive home after a long day of school and sports, to be greeted by my family’s warm voices. Dinner is usually waiting on the table, and we discuss the day and new events that occurred throughout the day. My family is the main factor that makes me the way I am. Close friends also help shape my identity because they give me other options and advice . Sometimes, a friend feels better to talk to because they will give the most direct and straight answers to my questions out of anyone. Friends also provide different viewpoints regarding certain problems or subjects. Like my family, friends help me make important decisions in life too. As you can see, my friends and family, are huge factors that shape my identity.

To conclude, factors that shape and influence my identity the most are the relationships I have with others, my beliefs and values, and most importantly my close friends and family around me. Finding your own identity and being aware of it is important to how you function in everyday life. Identity can change through time though. A little kid will have a much different identity when that same kid is 30 years older. That’s the amazing part. A person’s identity or perception of themselves have loads of possible outcomes and changes for the future. Everyone’s identity is different and everyone’s identity should be accepted. What is most important about people is not how they look on the outside, but who they truly are on the inside - that determines a person’s true identity.

The author's comments:

This was an assignment for my English class. I felt very strognly about this topic because I felt it was so relatable for so many kids my age.

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