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October 20, 2017
By Logan.loves.camp4 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
Logan.loves.camp4 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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Society nowadays judges people no matter who they are and what they look like.  If a girl doesn't have the perfect body, she's fat and if a boy has acne while going through puberty, he's ugly.  Society creates this perfect image that everyone has to try to achieve and if they don’t, they can be called all these names that no one ever wants to be called.  This is one of the reasons so many people are bullied and hate themselves and it even leads to suicide.  This is not ok or right at all because nobody ever will be perfect and fit in the standards. 

This is so important because everyone needs to know how amazing they are inside and out.  This all happened because of what we were taught when we are growing up.  When you were little, nobody cared about what you wore and how you're body looked.  But now as you get older, you can be called obese, anorexic, ugly, and so many more.  Society is also putting labels on everything even what color skin you have.  In school, we learn about our history with segregation and all of these terrible things but sadly it still happens today.  Men, women, boys and girls are all judged no matter what they look like.  This is why this needs to stop immediately.

We should help the next generations and even ours,  stop judging and bullying people on who they are.  Whoever you are, sadly you are not perfect either.  If you want to think you are, go ahead but at least 1 person has something rude or hateful to say about you.  We should be teaching kids and their kids and on and on about how before you judge someone on how their appearance, stop and get to know them.  Think before you speak and try to get rid of all the negativity the world is showing us these days.  Try to brighten up peoples days by saying the slightest compliment for instance like “you're hair looks amazing today” or “you're eyes are so pretty!”  Try to say it with a smile even if it’s eating you inside because even though it’s not the nicest thing, it could possibly be the nicest and kindest thing they've heard about themselves in a very long time. 

Our future should demolish this so called “standards” about everyone having to be perfect or no one will like them.  On having to have the most perfect body or they're ugly and fat.  Always try to be positive no matter if you absolutely don’t like him/her at all because maybe on the inside their having an awful life at home or anywhere.  Always be you and never try to be the person you're  not.

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