Why I Protest

October 14, 2017
By Chimack GOLD, Geneva, Illinois
Chimack GOLD, Geneva, Illinois
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I am a rebel without a cause well maybe one thing. I will protest what is rong about that I have my own opinions, and I would like to shar them that dosn't give you the right to question me. It is called free speach last I checked it was a right. So I was at my schools homecoming game it was the begening of the football game. The marching band started to play the national anthem. The group I was sitting with had there fist in the air a protest for black lives matter. I had one fist in the air and my hand over my hart to be support two things that I belived in. Black Lives Matter and are Military and are Military that severed befor. After the national anthum someone walked up to me and asked "Why do you put your fist in the air it is like your saluting hitler," What she said and the way she said it pissed me off. The stuff we see in the news is appalling as it is so why is she making a big deal out of it. well she shaired her opinion but she did it in a mean way so I ignored her. I protest many things gun violence to being in the womens march fighting for women everywhere. That is why I protest to form my own opinion. We all have the right to free speach. But lets make it peaceful. 

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I am ranting in this article. 

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