The Struggles of Society

October 12, 2017
By Mackenzie Hurt BRONZE, Fairdale, Kentucky
Mackenzie Hurt BRONZE, Fairdale, Kentucky
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No one is good enough for this world or maybe it’s that we’re too good for it. Girls are forced to hide themselves and their image is distorted by society’s idea of beauty. We’ve come to a point that our grades matter more than our health and you can’t reach your own goal without another person thinking it’s not enough. We’ve replaced the phase of “call an ambulance” with “Hey, are you recording this?” We’re living in a world where addictions are controlling each mind while we look for our answers at the bottom of a bottle or a drug filled syringe. Everyone wants to change the world but we’re all so scared that if we unplug our phones we’re going to miss something including our very own president. Our eyes are so focused on the unrealistic expectations that we forget what we are here for. Our relationships are based around sexual attraction rather than the emotional appeal of each of our minds. We’re judged by the color of our skin rather than concepts of our personalities and green paper with a face is worth more than most of our lives. We’re living in a world where the amount of likes you get of a picture determines your social status. We judge people by the weight of their body rather than the weight of their hearts. Teens are dying left and right not only from the hands of others but from the very own hands they were born with. The government has made it so difficult to become successful that most just give up in the process, and believe war is the best solution. Girls are giving their hearts to guys who use and abuse them when there is someone out there who is writing pages about their beauty. When did adultery get labeled as simply infidelity. We’re living in a world where people are disapproving if you dress and act differently than the gender on your birth certificate and you can’t be happy without someone forming an opinion on your sexuality. When did the world become a place to be scared to go to an entertainment event in hopes of returning home alive or returning home period and not sold to the highest bidder. We’re living in a world where single parents have to work 5 jobs and never see their children just to accumulate the amount of money they don’t receive in child support and children are scared to go home in fear of hunger. We forget that we’re all different and we each go through struggles. So, solution you ask? Hate may be louder than love at times but love is always stronger than hate.

The author's comments:

I’ve been a victim of bullying and the way society works today is horrible is the fact that we are all judging when we have no right to.

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