The Argument on Fidget Spinners

October 10, 2017
By cooper16898 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
cooper16898 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Joshua begins his argument by discussing the debatable topic of fidget spinners, and humorously compares the device to cigarettes helping writing, or meth helping someone to drive. This creates a flippant tone, and causes the reader to not take Joshua seriously. Then Joshua describes the device as “dangerous” and “awful,” switching from his once witty and lighthearted tone to a more serious and dramatic one.


Once Joshua makes the switch of tone he begins to explain why fidget spinners won't satisfy this craving, leading into a bigger more aggressive claim by stating that you will never be fully satisfied and people need to learn self-control. Joshua expands on this claim by giving the reader a concrete example involving Church Fathers. This example explains that Church Fathers came to the conclusion that eating until someone was stuffed would not only not satisfy the person, but would expand the appetite and decrease self-control. So the Church Fathers lived by this motto, “Eat until you are a little less than full, lest you become over acquainted with satiety and and devolve into an ever more demanding person”. Joshua uses this analogy to understand his opinion and view more clearly. Joshua concludes this by bringing us back to the idea with the fidget spinners. Furthermore explaining that if the mind craves this distraction and it needs to be terminated, or else the craving will only increase.

The author's comments:

I decided to write this, beacause I found the argument fascinating. 

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