What Does It Really Mean

October 4, 2017
By Anonymous

Patriotism is a concept that I don’t take lightly!  However, patriotism is looked at differently within each generation based on what people experience during their lifetime.  Even within the same generation, people can differently view patriotism depending on their social class, race, and the place you live.

I strongly believe that Patriotism is being loyal to your country.  There are many ways to show loyalty to America such as obtaining a job and paying taxes, voting at each election, or simply raising law abiding children who respect their country.   Depending on how one is raised, is how one shows his or her Patriotism  For example if there is a protest  outside of the White House and there are both political sides fighting for what they believe is right. Both sides think they’re doing their part and are patriots supporting their beliefs.  In the end, are they both patriots because they are doing their part in society by expressing their beliefs and trying to persuade the government. 

Life is all about the uniqueness of each person and their creative views they have.  We all don’t have to agree on the same views, but it all comes down to one thing:   We have the freedom and independence to make decisions based on our beliefs.  We are able to have these opinions because of the older generations that came before us who fought for our freedom. Along with freedom, come the rights we have today and without these rights, people couldn’t fight for what they believe in and that is what Patriotism is to me!

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