Traditions, Unity and Freedom

October 3, 2017
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Celebrations come every year. The Fourth of July is filled with crowded parades, cookouts, swimming and noisy, bright fireworks. On Memorial Day, we remember the soldiers who have fallen fighting for our country with picnics filled with food and exhausting yard games. On Labor Day, the four day weekend engages us in outdoor activities while the heat blisters. These traditions that Americans continue to celebrate express our love and pride. This is patriotism.

Natural disasters. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes, unite Americans and drive them to help out in anyway they can. On 9/11, a horrific disaster disrupted and broke the hearts in our nation, and yet it also brought our community closer. The chaos in New York city on 9/11 inspired citizens to get involved and they jumped at the opportunity to help. As a melting pot, we unite as one to rebuild what has been broken. This is patriotism.
Today. America is a proud example of freedom. All of the men and women who have fought for our country have lead us to freedom. We may practice and preach any religion and we may express ourselves and are allowed rights like voting. As Americans, we have endless opportunities. We are the Land of the Free. This is patriotism.
Whether Americans are celebrating, coming together, or utilizing their rights, they express love for the country they live in. Patriotism is Americans showing our eccentric devotion for our country through traditions, unity and freedom.

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