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October 1, 2017
By kylemilstead BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
kylemilstead BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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Ideas spark imagination, where imagination then sparks passion. Without imagination, one can feel lost in the reality of their current life. By dreaming of new possibilities, imagination can distract from the present and focus on how those dreams can become a reality in the future. As long as you want something, nothing should stop you from getting it. It can be something small, such as maintaining exemplary grades, or something big such as becoming the President of the United States. No matter how substantial the idea may seem, there is always a possibility if the work is put into it. In the age of laziness, we must understand that everything does not come to us like room service in a five-star hotel.

Imagination is important to me, as it creates a sense of hope, even during times where I have lost all hope. By imagining, I am able to learn what I am passionate about in my own life. Personally, there are many things I am passionate about, including my family, my friends, and my success. More specifically, I love and cherish my family and friends and believe they are quite important in my life. Also, I have always wanted success because of who I am and how I was raised. I will always shoot for the stars in all that I do in order to achieve success. By doing this, I believe I can accomplish even the wildest dreams.

My imagination can be crazy at times, but I believe my dreams are quite reasonable. I imagine myself as the leader of a business. I imagine myself as one who sets the example. I imagine myself as the one who gets the job done. Starting with education, I will attend both UMKC and K-State for the five-year architecture and design program. Afterwards, I will become an architect, more specifically, a residential architect. Through years of working, I will gain prestige and become a leader of some sort. Although I am currently reticent, I will one day be one who sets the rules and examples. I enjoy working with others to create a project, and as an architect, I will have several opportunities for collaboration. I acknowledge that my career-related dreams will not be easy, and am prepared for the many challenges I may face along the way.

An architect is not the only thing I imagine my future self as. I imagine myself as a loving husband. I imagine myself as a supportive father. I imagine myself as a helpful friend. As family and friends are very important to me, I look forward to having both of those in my life at all times. I know I will not be a perfect husband or father or friend, but I imagine I will be the best I can be. Without family and friends in my life, I do not think I could accomplish even my smallest dreams.

Imagination is the best distraction from stress. By thinking of the positives of the future, one can be forgotten of the negatives of the present. Getting your mind off of whatever you may be stressed about can greatly help because it does tend to give you a sense of hope when you may not have any. You may also be inspired by your imagination which also introduces a feeling of passion. Whatever you may be passionate about, nothing should stop you from pursuing your dreams.

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