The Bitterness of Getting Used to Things

October 1, 2017
By Tallula77 PLATINUM, Cork, Other
Tallula77 PLATINUM, Cork, Other
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Do you know the feeling when you are trying something out for the first time, getting to know someone that you really like or you feel something great you have never felt before? It is probably the most satisfying feeling ever. It's as if your soul is seeping something full of goodness up and is sending it to every single part of your body. The second time it still feels great but this time your body doesn't have to get used to it. Really all in one habits are horrible. You forget how to love the things you loved and appreciated most. You know you do but in a way you don't. You forget how lucky you are to be a free person and how much luck you have to get a reasonable education, a home, friends, a family, people that love you. You can no longer imagine what it would be like without the one person you love by your side, protecting you, always willing to listen to you. Habits can ruin friendships, relationships and simply the joy about small things in life or everyday things. You abandon things and people, forgetting that you should not take them for granted. You start complaining about school, not caring about your grades and messing around breaking tables and chairs to get the teachers frustrated. It is only when the one person you loved most has left, sick of trying so hard to keep this up, trying to talk to you while you were watching television. When you got kicked out of school because you just weren't behaving. That's when reality will knock you over, leaving you standing alone, ruined by something that affects all of us everyday. The bitter-sweet side of habits and getting used to things. Something that will eat you up from inside and leave you sad and empty while it waits till you are strong enough to find new friends, new things that you love, only for the pattern to start over again.

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This is a topic that I think about a lot because I often see how students at school forget to appreciate their education and how habits have a big influence on our lives.

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