Making Mistakes

September 27, 2017
By Anonymous

In life one often finds themselves making mistakes. However, it is their decision wether or not to become disconcerted about the mistake. It happens all the time with famous atheists, authors, when working a job and so forth. Do you really just want to go through life taking the easy road, or would you rather learn from the mistake made and have life be just a bit more complex? Life will give you many ups and downs. That is the challenge, and only you can get over the croossroads in life.

If you have played a sport before, you will know that you have to start from scratch. There was a time when mistakes occurred repeatedly. That was part of learning how to play the game. If you have ever seen a little league game, it is almost impossible to watch how awful it is. All the kids are making multiple mistakes. As those kids grow, they have learned from those mistakes they had made before. Even professional athletes, who have been playing almost their entire lives, make mistakes- and these are professionals. Thats is just part of the game. You take risks, if they do not work, now is the time to fix it for the next time. Being a writer works in a similar way. When a writer is just starting out, their work is not the best. The more practice they do, the higher skill level they are able to achieve. All those famous authors did not just magically compose a book out of thin air. Almost evry author, when first starting out, scrapped their work several times. Even the best made a mistake at one point in their career: that is what helped them improve and become better equipped when it came time for their next story.

Working a job involves a similar concept. When starting out a new job, you are informed of the requirements needed to preform the task correctly. In the beginning of the learning process, mistakes will be made. Do not make the same mistake repeatedly though. Learn from the mistake made, move on, and do it right the next time. Even managers sometimes make mistakes. It is all up to you on how to approach these mistakes in order to get better.

There will be obstacles in life that you have to overcome. Do not be afraid to take a risk and fail. Who knows, maybe that mistake will help you down the road.

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