July 19, 2017
By AlexanderDragon BRONZE, Rapid City, Michigan
AlexanderDragon BRONZE, Rapid City, Michigan
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Your true friends are the ones who made you a better person they help you through tough times they don't let anyone get to you and you don't let anyone get to them. You're actually friends they'll take the blame instead of blaming you for something. Friends forgive and forget when you screw up true friends always got your back and they always will instead of kicking you to the curve true friends will never leave you they'll always enjoy life with you they prevent you from doing dumb decisions. So put your video games and phones down and go enjoy time with them rock out with em just do everything together join sports with them never abandon them make your life the fullest with your true friends never turn your back on them in a time of crisis.

It doesn't take much to just be a friend but a true friend they're your best friends. Pig out with your best friend/true friend eat as much as you can until you throw up but you know who will be there to comfort you when you do throw up your best friend. So enjoy your life with your true/best friends I do. Don't let anyone get to you because if the people that pick on you don't want to be your friend now that won't matter when you're successful in life. If they don't want to be your friend now then they don't deserve to be your friend ever.

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Friends are a big key to life

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