Should America Open their Doors To Syrian Refugees?

June 18, 2017
By Zaboushaar SILVER, Bloomfield Hills , Michigan
Zaboushaar SILVER, Bloomfield Hills , Michigan
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Home. No one leaves home unless home chased you to the shore. Unless home was burning in flames telling you to the run far far away. No one leaves home unless home is a voice screaming,” leave, run away from me now, even it means Begging, Starving, crawling under trains, and beneath carriages,  leaving me is the main priority”. Currently, refugees are being faced with a problem, either staying in a city of flames, or escaping to the land of opportunities, and home of the free, the United States of America. Initially, since 2011 when the civil war in Syria broke out, about eleven million refugees have fled their homes for safety, only to see the world against them, including ISIS. Furthermore, countries are being blinded by the fear that those refugees coming in might be associated with the terrorist group, ISIS. Finally, the United States should open their doors to refugees instead of slamming it in their face.

First and foremost, banning these refugees is not just abandoning the values of America, it is also helping the Islamic state. “ Islamic State fighters also want us to get angry and condemn Muslims everywhere. They want to make Muslims the enemy of the West. They believe if that happens, millions of peaceful Muslims living around the world will join them” (Tribune News Service). Furthermore,  ISIS wants us to turn away Syrian Refugees so they can expand their territory. Instead of destroying ISIS, we are making them stronger by dismissing those in need. The United States is walking into a trap and we are too blinded by our fears to realize it.

Moreover, we are forgetting America’s most widely recognized symbol, ‘ ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the door’.  Can you read this and still believe that turning away these refugees is the right choice? We are knocking these people down when they are already hurt and broken. At the end we are all the same. “  Every governor knows this is a country of immigrants with a long and cherished tradition of helping refugees”. Like so many others before us, these refugees dream of starting over a better life. They sacrificed everything, and made the dangerous trip to be here, on American shore. Instead of coming here and being faced with opportunities and jobs, they are faced with discrimination.

Despite all of the evidence, some individuals in America believe that Syrian refugees should not be allowed in the United States. According to The Guardian, “Not allowing refugees in America makes citizens of the U.S feel safer and more protected”(Gambino). What this is saying, is that some citizens believe the country will feel safer if refugees are not welcomed with open arms. However , “Obama claims that all of the refugees will be checked out extremely careful” (Tribune News Service). Moreover, the screening service is safe and should be trusted. Refugees have to meet the refugee definition, otherwise, they will be escorted out of the United States. The admission process is very credible and will determine who’s safe to enter the country. Finally, we should not let one factor determine the rest of these refugees' futures.

In conclusion, refugees have sacrificed everything to be able to start a new life.  America does not want to be known as the country who slammed the doors in the faces of innocent people, let's be the country that opened the doors of opportunities to Syrian refugees. We should live by each others happiness and not each other's misery. The United States has the rights and the power to erase their misery. So, let's use that power to help them rise. This is the time for America to stand up for what's right and help those in need. Syrian refugees are not the enemy, let's stop treating them like one.

The author's comments:

I am a Syrian girl who escaped the war in time and was lucky to enter the gates of America. When I came here I was showerd with hope, that maybe this is the start of a new life, maybe the war didnt destroy my future, it helped me find a new one. Now I'm fighting for people like me. They deserve a second chance.

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