The Essay About Nothing

June 10, 2017
By Anonymous

What I am writing about is a very serious epidemic sweeping the nation in 2017. It can be great but can also be extremely dangerous. Be cautious, this particular matter is very controversial and much disputed.There is no way to know who is right or wrong but people continue to argue endlessly over this subject.


There can be severe damage to mankind, whether physically or emotionally draining. All the evidence contradicts each other and us humans are left baffles. scientists are searching for a reason for this mystriously smashing conundrum.

 People who choose to ignore are granted freedom and a nice stress free blissfull future. It is nearly impossible to turn the other way. But knowledge is power. We can fight this and bury it in the ground once and for all. If we humans unite and stand up for this life threatening cause.

The author's comments:

thought it would be interesting to write something like this, hope you like it:)!!

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