The Key to Success

June 9, 2017
By Anonymous

Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction- Anne Frank

Our mindset is key to success and happiness and all of life's benefits or it can have the opposite effect and lead you on the road toward failure.

Isn't it horrible when a teacher assigns a test that you just know you're going to flunk? Or a homework assignment you know you cannot complete? Most of us usually just dismiss these opportunities and complain about it to a friend or to a   teacher, and most of the time that is useless. Why do people do this to themselves? It is literally self-destruction, useless behavior and completely deconstructive. Whether it's giving up or lack of motivation and seems like the smarter choice at the time it definitely has some scary long term effects on you and your overall wellbeing.


Bad habits can be developed if a person goes on with laziness and procrastination over a period of time. They begin to become accustomed to this behavior and it becomes a daily part of life. But what happens when you get in a tight spot where you cannot escape the grunt work and pain? It can be compared to someone who goes out driving without learning a thing, maybe you can maneuver through the roads and make your way ,but there will always be a speedbump that sets you off or a person that challenges you like a policeman approaching to ask for your registration. An unmotivated person definitely will not be ready for this amount of pressure thus causing them to fail. When motivation is lacking and hopelessness becomes  a part of you and the way you think, this is really a breaking point.

Laziness actually makes sense .the average person does choose the easier route. Most of Our minds were programmed for this, not to be overachievers or even above average , most peoples minds are designed to work in a way that they try to just get by comfortably with the least amount of stress.   A misconception about laziness is that these people may be dumb, but in reality they just have the totally wrong mindset and aspirations. Life's obstacles are encircled with hopeless  people who tripped over and fell flat on their faces, there are not enough strivers who actually get up and try over and over again until they reach their goals. Indolence is so painfully common- After all, we're only human right? WRONG!

Humans have so much potential, all we have to do is take a look around to see it. Look at the world leaders,  people with extreme bravery you hear about on the news or just look inside your own house or school and the positive influences in your enviroment. Teachers and parents are a great example of successful people exceptionally making a difference in shaping society. Even if they are unrecognised for their efforts, their lives were worth something to themselves. They decided to pursue success and they make it look  easy. It definitely is one of the hardest things in the world, not being a teacher but to the have the mindset of your goals- to educate the young and work on yourself to achieve it to reach ones potential is a fulfillment most praiseworthy. Just look at the world within the last hundred years, cars? Who would have thought? And microwaves! Mankind is genius, but is this the same species that lies down on the couch pointlessly avoiding inevitable responsibilities? It is surprising the faces of man. What goals we can fulfill and goals we can toss away.

 to quote Robert Frost,"  two roads diverged in a wood and I-I took the road less travelled by and that made all the difference." Following the latter in regards to goals is usually not a smart move, they are not the same as you and will never be, which is a good thing because those people who lack in effort turn out to be average, typical or however you would brand them but they can be very influential and you may end up following one of these type of people unintentionally just because they may seem like a 'cool' person. it's greater to make a difference and stand out than follow the majority and not reach your unique potential. To achieve greatness or even just an A+ in school is no simple feat and for some almost impossible. Knowing your limits is important understanding the potential of your capabilities  far outweighs In value.

success is compared to a never ending tree. You climb there are no limits and always room to climb higher. There is definitely a fear of falling but what if you do? It's up to you to decide if you want to get back up or give up.

Don't be the one standing in your own way of success. Maintaining a healthy mind is so important! It's those special people who cultivate and nourish their starvation for the satisfaction of success that really attain their goals to the fullest extent. The restraint of the mind is sure a hard one to break free of, but it sure is worth it.

The author's comments:

I definitely tried my hardest on this piece!!

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